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Honorary Consul of Mexico, meetings in Rome

Posted on 27 May 2013 from Administrator

Honorary Consul of Mexico, meetings in Rome

Posted on 27 May 2013 from Administrator

Only a short time after Albania and Mexico restored relations they feel closer. The opening of the honorary consulate in Tirana was a good first step towards harmonizing bilateral cooperation that was finalized with the recent Mexican/Albanian economic forum. The forum aroused great interest in businesses on both sides.

Following the success of the forum in Tirana, and less then 10 days after the event, the embassy of the United Mexican States has shown its pleasure by inviting the honorary Albanian consul mr. Ylli Ndroqi to Rome to discuss deepening further cooperation between the two countries.

Officials who visited the honorary consul mr. Ndroqi from the United Mexican states embassy in Italy that deal with business and tourism. Thanks to mr. Ndroqi they were able to speak with Albanian diplomats and business and tourism officials.

Mr. Ndroqi was initially received by the consul of mexico in Rome, the honorable Luis Alva Fernando, who appreciated the initiatives taken by the honorary consul Ylli Ndroqi and particularly the organization of the business forum in Tirana.

At the first meeting with consul Fernando was the cultural attache Maria Teresa Ceron Velez who unveiled Mexico’s cultural interest in Albania and the honorable mr. Ndroqi expressed Albanian’s interest in Mexican culture. Their conversation was focused on several important issues that are expected to bring closer Mexico and Albania not only in business but also in the spirit of culture and tourism.

In an official meeting with ambassador Miguel Ruiz Cabanas mr. Ndroqi was tasked by the Mexican government to consolidate relations but especially the deepening of economic cooperation between the two countries. Ambassador Cabanas considered as very important the honorary Mexican consulate in Albania for business and appreciated the interest of the Albanian chamber of commerce and industry in seeking business space in the Mexican market.

It is in this spirit that mr. Ndroqi asked ambassador Cabanas inquire about the possibility of easing visa procedures for Albanian businesses during the tourist season as a good opportunity to enjoy more of Mexico but also to build business relations with Mexico during this period.

For this purpose in the meeting, ambassador Cabanas invited deputy director for tourism Sarina Alvarez who took the request and forwarded it to the Foreign Ministry of Mexico. At the meeting was also discussed many other issues regarding relations between the two countries in a spirit of friendship. The meeting ended with both the honorary consul Ylli Ndroqi, and the ambassador Cabanas choosing as gifts to exchange photo albums of the natural beauties of Albania and Mexico.

This improtant meeting paves the way to creating new possibilities of cooperation and strengthens the relationship begun a few months ago but that seems to have a long and fruitful future which will affect business and especially lovers of tourism in both countries.

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Assembly meetings of economic affairs

Posted on 17 May 2013 from Administrator

The economic affairs adviser to the United States of Mexico in Rome Eleazar Velasco Navarro and that of Milan Oscar Camacho during their stay in Tirana attended the first meetings specifically on trade and cooperation between Mexico and Albania.

During the meeting with the head of the Albanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana Nikolin Jakaj they stressed the trade exchange between the countries on the export and import of products. In this case the Mexican counsillor said that Mexico is known for their drinks and exotic fruit exports and is interested in Albania for its export of clothing and agricultural products.

Later Camacho and Navoro held a meeting with Mexico’s honorary consul mr. Ylli Ndroqi. Mr. Ndroqi pointed out that concrete cooperation between the countries besides diplomatic headquarters included commerce and presented to the Mexican advisers the tourist resources of Albania. The invitation is publicly open, said mr. Ndroqi to invest in tourism, especially on the sea coast. The albanian side asked to respect the laws of Mexico, to create opportunities for albanian citizens to move freely between the countries to recognize closely the tourist assets.

Performance of businesses and key sectors that require investment, advisers to economic issues in Mexico recognized the Albanian agency for foreign investments where the director of the institution made a presentation of foreign business investments in the country emphasising the fact that Albania is a safe partner for investors.

Accompanied by the honory counsil of Mexico in Albania, the counselors met with the Minister of Economics and Energy Florion Mima. Mr. Mima said that the government is doing everything to preserve the stability of investments in the country despite the financial situation in the world.

At the end of the meeting the parties agreed that such business forums between the two countries return to tradition in order to secure investments. This will be accomplished through joint discussion, meetings and fairs in both countries.

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Economic forum Albania – Mexico

Posted on 15 May 2013 from Administrator

The opening of the honorary mexican consulate in tirana a few months ago has been noted as the first effort to bring albania closer to Mexico. Besides diplomatic relations, the first sector which is interested is the business sector for collaboration.

In this spirit, the honorary consul of mexico in Tirana Ylli Ndroqi has enabled the two countries to recognize the potential of cooperation through business with the first economic forum between the two countries.

“As the honorary consul of the United States of Mexico in Tirana, I am pleased to open this business forum to strengthen relations between albania and mexico. The business forum will bring mexico and albania closer in the field of trade, tourism and industry. Given that the honorary mexican consulate opened only three months ago here in Albania, we have made immediate contact to offer to Albanian businesses the possibility of coordination with mexican businesses,” said Ylli Ndroqi, honorary mexican consulor.

The head of the albanian chamber of commerce and industry Nikolin Jaka described it as an excellent opportunity that the consulate has given to albanian businesses to cooperate.

“It is a pleasure for me to be part of this important forum. First of all i would like to identify the role and importance of those who have enabled the organization of this forum, and that comes through the honorary consulate opened in Albania through mr. Ndroqi. He made it possible to quickly inform but also to activate the embassy structures covering Albania to make a presentation of potential opportunities for cooperation and trade between mexico and Albania,” said Jaka.

The economic affairs adviser of the embassy of Mexico in Rome Elezar Navaro said he was enthusiastic in this cooperation with the now opened honorary consulate in Albania already creating a bridge of communication.

“It is a privilege that we are here to see the ways of cooperation between the two countries. We are here because we want to show you Mexico and we see with interest this cooperation which regulates this relationship. The consulate of Mexico in Albania opened at a time when your country is progressing rapidly towards development. We are seeing potential areas of cooperation in the import- export needs. Mexico is known for the export of beverages and albania for export of clothing and shoes. Our cooperation can be seen in some sectors,” said Navaro.

The mexican advisor presented to the Albanian businessmen the Mexico tourism and trade relationship to the world. Now with the opening of the consulate and intensification of forums of this nature , mexico and albania – regardless of geographic distances – are closer than ever in their diplomatic relations and trade.

Economic Forum, Mexican Consulate

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Cinco de Mayo and the Battle of Puebla, Mexico

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Cinco de Mayo, literally “May the 5th,” is the holiday celebrating the Mexican victory over the French army on May the 5th, 1862, at Puebla, east of Mexico City.

The city of Puebla holds a big annual celebration on the anniversary of the battle. But in most of Mexico, Cinco de Mayo is not really an important holiday.


The anniversary of this event is celebrated not only in Mexico but in many American communities with large Mexican-American populations—especially in the southwestern states of Texas, Arizona, and southern California. The events include parades, patriotic speeches, bullfights, barbecues, and beauty contests. Olvera Street in Los Angeles is particularly known for its Cinco de Mayo celebration. In the United States however, Cinco de Mayo has become, in recent years, the major Mexican-American celebration. Throughout the Southwest, and in other parts of the U.S., there are various Cinco de Mayo celebrations — parades, mariachi music performances, and exhibitions of Mexican dancing, etc.

The History


The actual Cinco de Mayo battle was a part of a longer conflict called the French Intervention, which lasted from 1862 to 1867. The French military occupied Mexico and fought the republican government of President Benito Juarez.

French Emperor Napoleon III saw France as the protector of the Latin peoples, and had an ambitious plan to establish Mexico as a bulwark against the United States.

France invaded Mexico during the U.S. Civil War, which rendered the U.S. military unable to intervene. Part of the French emperor’s plan was a linkup with the Confederacy, thus neutralizing U.S. ability to thwart the French strategy.

On May 5th, 1862, north of the city of Puebla, the French Army under General Charles de Lorencez fought the Mexican army, under the command of General Ignacio Zaragoza.

A number of legends have grown up around this famous battle. The popular view is that the Mexican army was composed of sturdy peasants armed with machetes, who defeated a vastly superior invasion force. Another story says the French were trampled by a cattle stampede.

The Mexican army of 1862 was a fully equipped 19th century style military. At Puebla, Zaragoza had under his command regular infantry, artillery and cavalry. And, the Mexican troops were seasoned veterans of the recent War of the Reform (1857-1861).

It’s true that the French army outnumbered the Mexican army, but not by much. The French had 6,040 troops, and the Mexican army had 4,500 regular troops, and possibly additional volunteers (maybe those guys with machetes).

The Mexican army was on the hills, and the French had to fight uphill, never an enviable position to be in. Each army had the same quantity of cannon.

So Mexico won the battle, and Zaragoza sent a one-line report to President Juarez: “The national arms have been covered with glory.” The young general died only 4 months later, succumbing in September of 1862 to typhoid fever.

The 1862 Battle of Puebla had been a great morale booster for Mexico, and is still the most famous battle of the war, by far.


May 1-st, celebrations in Mexico

Posted on 01 May 2013 from Administrator

May 1-st is celebrated in Mexico as everywhere else in the world as an international holiday for workers.

Labor day in Mexico finds private offices and the state administration closed as well, but it is not simply a day of relaxation. It is a day citizens and trade unions go to the streets to protest peacefully about labor issues that may arise for employees of various companies.

Labour unions join together to protest specifically for better health benefits, better work conditions and better treatment by employers.

International labour day celebrates the various labour and left-wing movements across the world. It is mostly observed by holding street marches and demonstrations by working class people and their labour unions.

May 1-st is a national holiday in more than 80 countries including Bolivia, India, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Uruguay, Bahrain, Bangladesh, China, Israel, Philippines, Nepal and Pakistan. It is also celebrated unofficially in various other countries.

Labour day has its origins in the eight-hour work day movement, which advocated eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for rest.

On this day which is totally dedicated to workers rights the mexican consulate in tirana raised the mexican flag.