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The 237-th anniversary of U.S.A

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Across the United States of America, as every July 4 for 237 years is celebrated Independence Day, date which in 1776 , 13 first American colonies declared independence from the British Empire.
Independence celebrations traditionally celebrated with fireworks, with parades in the capital and other major cities, as well as concerts, marching , picnics and patriotic songs. But, most Americans celebrate Independence Day with family dinners.

The most visited city at least in historical terms, is Philadelphia in the state of Pennsylvania, known as the birthplace of the U.S., where the founding fathers met to draft the Declaration of Independence. The main parade was held in Washington, where traditionally parade the veterans and musical bands from 50 countries from around the U.S.

In the anniversary of independence it is commemorated the country’s founders courage and are thanked the U.S. forces serving in different countries of the world, including the U.S. peacekeeping contingent in Kosovo which with their sacrifice and commitment are serving to peace for 14 years. America, a country built on ideals, equality and freedom would be for more than two centuries one of the most favorite places to emigrate, just looking for these ideals.

In this occasion the Embassy of the USA in Tirana organised a reception where most of the diplomats in Albania attended, one of the guests was the honorary consul of Mexico, Ylli Ndroqi.

Honorary Consul Ndroqi at USA anniversary reception

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Albania and Kroatia from Above

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In the case of Croatia’s EU membership, was opened a photographic exhibition, entitled “Croatia and Albania from the air.” Croatian artist Nenad Rebershak, in cooperation with Albanian artist of aerial photographs Alket Islami, revealed photos of the most beautiful areas of Croatia and Albania made during their flights.

Present at the exhibition were known personalities such as ambassadors accredited in Albania, among which the U.S. ambassador Alexander Arvizu, European union ambassador Ettore Sequi, Minister of Culture Visar Zhiti and Croatian Ambassador Stipetic, which opened the exhibition.

President of RTV “Ora News ” Ylli Ndroqi was also present along with his wife and was enjoying stunning photographs of Albanian Riviera and mountain areas as all other dignitaries present at the event.

Honorary Consul Ndroqi at Kroatia’s exhibition

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Egypt Embassy celebrates national holiday

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While in Cairo was toppled the president, Egypt Embassy in Tirana organized a reception in honor of the national holiday. Present at the event were a number of personalities ranging from politicians to media people and a number of other diplomats in Albania, among them the U.S Ambassador Alexander Arvizu and the honorary consul of Mexico Ylli Ndroqi.

Egypt’s national holiday is on July 23 but due to the fasting month, the Egyptian Embassy has organized this event before.

23 July 1952 otherwise is known as the day of the revolution after through a military coup, King Farouk was forced to leave, who had aroused much resentment to the Egyptian people.

In the event organized to commemorate this date, were played the respective anthems and was cut the cake which symbolized the continuation of friendship between our two countries.

Honorary Consul Ndroqi at Embassy of Egypt celebrations

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