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Kuwait’s Ambassador official meeting with Honorary Consul of Mexico in Tirana

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The Ambassador of Kuwait in Albania, Mr. Naxhib Albader visited the Mexican Consulate in Tirana and was attended from the Honorary Consul of the United States of Mexico, mr. Ylli Ndroqi. The purpose of this first official visit in the Mexican consulate from ambassador Naxhib Albader was to present to Mr. Ndroqi an invitation to visit Kuwait. The honorary consul of Mexico in Tirana Mr. Ylli Ndroqi will participate in an official visit in Kuwait where he will meet the information minister of this country. This visit will take place from October 1st until October 4th. the purpose of this visit is to strengthen the historic relationships of both countries in all domains.

This first official visit of Honorary Consul Ndroqi intends to strengthen relationships between both countries especially in the media domain. Consul Ndroqi thanked the ambassador of Kuwait in Tirana Mr. Albader regarding this visit and guaranteed him that he will work to strengthen even more the relationships between both countries and build a new bridge of cooperation. In the end of the meeting ambassador Albader gave to consul Ndroqi a symbolic gift of Kuwait which symbolizes his great efforts in media domain and his contribution to consolidate even more the relationships of both Albania and Kuwait.

Kuwait Ambassador meets with Consul Ndroqi

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Honorary Consul attends Arabian National Day

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The international day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia gathered diplomats of Tirana in a special reception.
The event was organized to celebrate the 84-th anniversary of the foundation of this kingdom. High officials of Albania, the head of the parliament Ilir meta, the head of the opposition and the mayor of Tirana, Lulzim Basha, the minister of transportation Edmond Haxhinasto, leaders of diplomatic legations in our country, businessmen, leaders of religious institutions and personalities of culture were present in this event. The Honorary Council of Mexico in Albania mr. Ylli Ndroqi was also one of the special guests of this event.

According to Ambassador Abdullah Alabdukarim this is a very important moment in the history of Aaudi Arabia since this date represents the unification of the territories of Arabia in 1932 under the leaderships of the king of that time Abdul Aziz al Saud.

“This party is very important, since I can remind you that king Abdul Aziz, with his efforts and attempts managed to join all territories of Saudi Arabia. Since that time Saudi Arabia has faced a quick development in every domain, especially in economics and health-care” stated ambassador Abdullah Alabdukarim.

This party took place in Albania and the relationships of both countries have intensively strengthened, especially during the last years. A series of infrastructural projects have finished and will finish in the territory of the Albanian Republic.

“The cooperation between Albania and Saudi Arabia has been successful especially during the last years. This fact can be noticed in the high number of commercial exchanges and in the visits of high officials of our both countries. During this period of time Saudi Arabia has completed a series of important infrastructural projects in Albania and it has released specific funds for these projects. I would like to mention the highway of Tirana-Elbasan, but Saudi Arabia will also be present in other investments in Albania,” emphasized the ambassador.

Every year on september 23rd, Saudi Arabia commemorates the foundation of the country in 1932 and its territory has remained the same for 84 years. In 1932 the king of Al Saud dynasty declared the unification of all the territories in a single state and after his attempts which lasted for 32 years, he finally managed to create a single state for the first time in our history.\

This state was founded on Islamic principles, away from the influence of other sectarian organizations. This date marks not only the unification of Arabic territories but it also marks the strong turn of this country in the path of development in all domains, especially in infrastructure, health-care and education. Saudi Arabia managed to build models which were later followed from other Arabic and Islamic countries. Saudi Arabia continues to develop under the leadership of current king, Abdullah bin Abdul aziz.

Honorary Consul attends Arabian National Day

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Mexico celebrates 203 years of Independence

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Mexico celebrates its 203-rd year of indepence

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Mexicans celebrate! Mexico celebrates the 203rd anniversary of independence from Spain. Mexican people all over the world commemorated what it is known as the “call of suffering” revolution, which marked the first step towards the independence of the country.



As every year since, the celebration for Independence Day takes place all over the world. One of the places where these celebrations took place was the Mexican embassy in Rome. Hundreds of people including dignitaries and notables were invited to participate in the celebrations. High officials of Mexico and Italy, diplomats living in Rome and dozens of Mexican citizens were present at the embassy to celebrate this special day together.

The ceremony started with exciting symbolism. The Mexican ambassador in Rome, Miguel Ruiz Cabanas Izquerdo raised the Mexican flag an event that was applauded from all of the people present.




The Mexican ambassador in Rome, Miguel Ruiz Cabanas Izquerdo spoke and welcomed all those present and spoke about the importance of this day for all Mexicans.


“During this day, Mexicans can really feel like Mexicans no matter where they are. We are born in this day, this is why we celebrate it in the happiest way possible, with food, music and friendship” stated Izquerdo.

The ambassador of Japan to Rome, Masaharu Kohno was one of the high officials to wish the Mexican people a happy Independence Day.


“Happy Independence Day. We have a special relationship with Mexico, which started 400 years ago. I am also the representative of Japan to Albania. We have a wonderful relationship, but there is still more potential in the future. Congratulations to your new government,” stated Kohno.

The Honorary Consul of Mexico in Tirana Ylli Ndroqi was also present in the celebrations and addressed his wishes to the Mexican nation.


“AS Honorary Consul of the United States of Mexico in Tirana, I am here today to celebrate together the 203rd anniversary of Mexico. I have had the possibility to visit, only a month ago, the Mexican state, their capital city “Mexico City” and I got amazed of the rare beauties that I saw. I wish a long live to this country” stated Mr. Ndroqi.



For 8 months there has been a strong bridge between Albania and Mexico and this bridge is the Honorary Consul.

“We have the honor to have a Consul in Albania. We are very proud that he represents Mexico in Tirana. Thanks to him, things have changed. After his visit Mexico has changed its ideas on Albania. Now, thanks to him and his cooperation, Albania has a place in our map” stated the Mexican Ambassador in Rome.

I have tried to strengthen the cooperation between Albania and Mexico. We have had contacts with the Mexican Embassy here in Rome, and during all these months we have done a great job to increase the level of cooperation among businessmen and Albanian people who wish to go to Mexico” said the Honorary Consul of Mexico in Tirana Ylli Ndroqi.

The same ideas were supported by the trade advisor of Mexico in Milano Oscar Camacho, who also said that soon, Mexican enterprises will come to invest in Albania.

“Thank you all for coming. We are working a lot to have excellent relationships with Albania and Italy” stated Camacho.

The feast for the Independence Day of Mexico continues and they celebrate like only they can, with music and dancing.

All can hear coming from all revelers at the tables celebrating this historic day is “Viva Mexico”.




Boy Heroes of Chapultepec

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On May 13, 1846 the United States declared war on Mexico, with the aim of seizing Alta California, New Mexico and other territories in the north of the country.

On September 8, American invaders seized Molino del Rey, to advance towards the last Mexican military redoubt on their way to Mexico City: Chapultepec Castle, which housed the Military College, where there were over 50 cadets.

The castle’s defense was entrusted to General Nicolás Bravo, a former insurgent. However, the general had just over 800 soldiers to defend the fortress from over 7,000 U.S. soldiers.

General Bravo ordered the underage cadets to withdraw, but most did not. On the morning of September 12, 1847, American batteries engaged in an intense bombardment of the castle, to devastating effect.

At dawn on September 13, they once again bombarded the Castle but at nine o’clock the firing ceased, and the American soldiers began their ascent of the hill, on the west side. They fought hand to hand. The Mexicans fought bravely but the invaders were gaining ground and made it to the castle on the west side.

By the time the Americans reached the castle, only a few soldiers and cadets remained inside. Six of these Boy Heroes are etched in the country’s memory: Juan Escutia, Vicente Suárez, Fernando Montes de Oca, Francisco Márquez, Agustín Melgar and Lieutenant Juan de la Barrera, who gave their lives during the U.S. attack on Chapultepec Castle on September 13, 1847.

President Benito Juárez was the first to officially honor the epic deed of the Boy Heroes, by decreeing September 13th a national day of mourning in memory of the cadets who died in Chapultepec Castle.