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Bulgaria’s national day, high state officials attended the reception organized by the embassy

Posted on 05 March 2014 from Administrator

The 3rd of March is the national day of Bulgaria, and the occasion was celebrated in Tirana yesterday.

The Bulgarian Embassy hosted a reception for senior state officials and representatives of the diplomatic corps, to commemorate the 139th anniversary of Bulgaria’s liberation from the Ottoman occupation.

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The Ambassador gave this speech:
“the 3rd of March marks the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman occupation, 139 years ago. The National Day is an occasion where Bulgarians feel independent, and is an extraordinary celebration for all the citizens of Bulgaria, but this year our National Day has been given special attention, “said the Bulgarian Ambassador.

Earlier in the day, the Ambassador Arnaudov visited the RTV “Ora News” and became acquainted with the investments made by the president of the television, Ylli Ndroqi .

During the visit, the Ambassador of Bulgaria gave a short interview where he emphasized the support of the Bulgarian government for Albania’s candidate status.



The embassy hosted a reception ceremony on Kuwait’s 53rd National day anniversary and 21st liberation day anniversary

Posted on 03 March 2014 from Administrator

The State of Kuwait has commemorated two important dates,  The separation from Great Britain in 1961,  when Kuwait became an independent state, and the liberation from the  Iraqi occupation led by the dictator , Saddam Hussein, 23 years ago .

The ambassador of Kuwait to Tirana said that these dates have brought significant changes in the history of the State of Kuwait.

The Ambassador expressed his desire for continued cooperation with the Albanian state, which culminated in 2011 with the opening of the Kuwaiti Embassy in Tirana . He emphasized that this cooperation will continue, and in the future it will be  intensified , especially in the field of economy .

” This is a good opportunity for Albania’s further partnership with the State of Kuwait . I am happy to follow the tradition continued cooperation with Albania , in terms of strengthening the political and economic relations in particular , as well as the cultural tradition between our two countries , “said the Ambassador .

The reception, organized by the Embassy of the State of Kuwait, was attended by prominent figures of the Albanian politics , including the foreign diplomats which accredited in our country , the  Honorary Consul of Mexico, Ylli  Ndroqi, as well as other consuls , who all expressed gratitude and praised the deep cooperation that exists between the two countries .

At the end of the commemoration ceremony for these historical dates of the state of Kuwait, they cut the cake of independence  in the presence of the speaker of the assembly, Ilir Meta.