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French Ambassador to Tirana, Christine Moro, has stated that the challenge for the Government

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French Ambassador to Tirana, Christine Moro, has stated that the challenge for the Government in its path towards the European Union, remains the justice reform. cooperation between the parties is required for this reform, said Ambassador Moro.

“I am very happy that your country managed to obtain the candidate status. Albania has all possibilities to continue with further steps in the opening of accession negotiations.
The Council of Europe also spoke clearly with its recommendations. It said that consensus between the parties and inclusion is needed. But the real challenge for your government remains the justice reform, fight against corruption and organized crime, to further continue with the economic policies that the government should pursue in the future “-said the ambassador, Christine Moro.
The statement of the Ambassador, Christine Moro, was made during a reception organized by the French Embassy in Tirana, with representatives of the Association of Mediterranean Ombudsmen.

The ambassador of Spain to Tirane, Rafael Tormo Perez, has finished his mission in Albania after 3 years of working here.

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The ambassador organized a reception with high personalities of the country and diplomats and authorities whith whom he has collaborated.

The Spanish ambassador said that since the beginning of the work,his collaborators are the ones who have done a great job in this mission. He said that he will leave the country with a good news for Albania, the granting of the candidate status from the European Council.

There were distributed a lot of symbolic presents for the ambassador from his staff.

The National holiday of Egypt is being celebrated today in Tirana

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A reception has been organized on this occasion by the Egyptian Embassy. The reception was attended by a number of public personalities, as well as diplomats that are accredited in Albania, among them the U.S. Ambassador Alexander Arvizu, and Honorary Consul of the United States of Mexico to Tirana, and the chairman of the association of honorary consuls in Albania, Ylli Ndroqi.

Egypt’s Ambassador to Tirana, as the host of the reception, told the Albanians about the changes that his country has experienced over the years. Through the microphone of “Ora News ” he requested more work from the two countries, to strengthen the trade relations.

The 23rd of July, 1952, is otherwise known as the day of the revolution. On that day, a military coup forced King Faruk, who had caused much discontent for the Egyptian people, to give up his rule.

Consul Ndroqi celebrates the victory of Mexico

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The Mexican Tour continues for the honorary consuls of mexico, who have been visiting the country that they represent.

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The Mexican Tour continues for the honorary consuls of mexico, who have been visiting the country that they represent.

Mexico City was the first stop of the 102 Honorary consuls of the United States of Mexico, in their mission to become more familiar with the state they represent.

The next stop was the “State of Mexico”, which according to a recent international survey, is ranked among the 30 most favorable places in the world to invest.
The Governor of the State of Mexico, Eruviel Avila welcomed the honorary consuls, and introduced them to the diversity of opportunities offered by the most populous and most industrialized state in the United States of Mexico. “I welcome you today to your home, the State of Mexico, which is the home of the United States of Mexico. On behalf of all Mexican citizens, I express my gratitude for the help that you have provided to the Mexican citizens. The State of Mexico is at the heart of our nation, it is industrialized, and has a developed infrastructure. Please share with your community the fact that we are a very good country for investment, “said the Governor of the State.
To solidify this recognition , on behalf of the State of Mexico, the Governor gave the 102 Honorary consuls, among them the Honorary Consul of the United States of Mexico to Albania, Ylli Ndroqi, a certificate that declares them to be the honorary visitors of the State of Mexico.
Then, on a charter jet, the Honorary Consuls traveled to the Campeches resort.
There was a special welcome at the airport, where the Consuls were welcomed by the Governor of Campeches, Fernando Ortega Bernes, the Minister of Tourism, Kania Hernandez and the mayor, Ana Eskallante.
Furthermore, the Consuls were familiarized with the resources of this state.
The Minister of Tourism, Kania Hernandez, unveiled the tourist city of Kampeçe.
“On behalf of the Mayan culture, I wish you welcome to the Mayan State. Kampeçe is a city that keeps its door open for visitors. Kampeçe is sky, tranquility, adventure, culture, wealth, it is the heart, a sincere heartm through which we wish you a warm welcome, and express our gratitude, “said the Minister of Tourism.
The Industry sector was presented by the Minister of Economic Development and Industry, Henrikez Kalante.
¨ “This is the state with the largest source of oil and gas throughout the country. The advantageous position, near major cities, and the developed infrastructure, turn it in the most favorable for the export of oil. Today we are the first in Mexico to export oil. We are also the safest state in the entire country, “said Henrikez Kalante.
The governor, Fernando Ortega Bernes continued in the same line.
¨ “For us in Kampeçe, economic development has turned into the strategy through which the country is being directed. The low level of crime is one of the biggest reasons that we require an increase of investments today. We have lower taxes, and we hold the 6th place for the amount of revenue we deposit in the state revenues. We are going in the right direction, join our course, “said the governor.
In Kampeçe, the Honorary Consuls visited an exhibition of local products, and some of the main tourist attractions of this state, concluding their six-day visit to the United Stat

Newspapers have written about the meeting of the Honorary Consul, Ylli Ndroqi with the Mexican President.

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Despite a great deal of news today, newspapers have  shown pictures on the front page, of important meeting, which takes place for the first time between an Albanian personality and a Mexican president.

The newspaper “Shekulli” writes on the first page: the Mexican President receives the Honorary Consul, Ylli Ndroqi.

Albanian daily newspaper “Gazeta Shqiptare” wrote: The visit: Ylli Ndroqi meets the President of Mexico.

The newspaper “Koha Jone” has also shown the news on the front page, writing that President Nieto praises the work of Ndroqi in promoting Mexico.

The Tirana Observer writes: The President of Mexico received the Consul Ylli Ndroqi: You are representing us with dignity. They included a picture of the meeting.

The daily newspaper “Telegraph” has written an extended article about the visit of the Honorary Consul of Mexico in Mexico City, especially the meeting with the Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto.

The newspaper “55 ” has also dedicated an article to the important meeting, with the title: the Mexican President receives the Honorary Consuls, Ylli Ndroqi , the first Albanian in such a ceremony.

Even “Standard” newspaper has written an article about this meeting, including a picture of the President Nieto with the Honorary Consul, Ylli Ndroqi.

The daily “Dita” writes: the Mexican President receives the Honorary Consuls, among them the Albanian investor, Ylli Ndroqi.

Mr. Ylli Ndroqi has become the first Albanian to be received by the President of the United States of Mexico.

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Albania interested in Mexican tourism, Honorary consul Ylli Ndroqi seeks more cooperation

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The honorary consul of Mexico, Mr. Ylli Ndroqi, has been on an official visit to the country that he represents.

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Their mission is diplomacy, but for a day, they have made humanity their mission.

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While the atmosphere of the Feast of Children continues , the Association of Honorary Consuls of Albania are trying to bring joy to the little children , that on this joyful day , are forced to stay in the pediatric ward!

There are 28 honorary consuls , who , together , have brought smiles to the children who are hospitalized in this ward, by providing gifts of toys.

A representative group of the association , consisting of its President – the Honorary Consul of the United Mexican States to Tirana , Ylli Ndroqi ;the Consul of Malta ,Tom Preku, and the Consul of Malaysia , Gentian Sulaj visited the pediatrics ward of the Universal Hospital Center “Mother Theresa”, to deliver the donation, and to convey the message that their association will continue to stand beside those in need , especially children .
The head of the association , Ylli Ndroqi , said that this was the curtain of such activity for the association, and he hopes that these gifts can bring joy to these children in their difficult days .

“We have thought to help these children with some gifts, some toys with which you can play during the days that you’re going to be hospitalized. You can have the opportunity to play and have fun with one another. On behalf of all the honorary consuls, I wish for you to be healed as quickly as possible, so you can be close to your families. ” He said.
The Malaysian Consul , Mr. Sulaj , had this to say :

” It is a day that makes us feel a little better than usual, because it has given us the opportunity to give a minimal contribution to the lives of these children . I hope to have the opportunity to come more often, with more serious contributions with greater meaning. ”

The toys brought visible joy to the eyes of the little children, however , the toys were not the only surprises !

The well known actors of ” Portokalli “, Luzja and Erion , entertained the children, filling the room with laughter.
Even though they did not have the opportunity to celebrate the 1st of June , the children said that their holiday was today .

Other than from the state , these children receive little attention , so the Chief of the Hematology ward , Mrs. Anila Godo, thanked the Association of Honorary Consuls for this beautiful initiative .
” First of all, I want to thank the Association of Honorary Consuls, and in particular , its President , Mr. Ylli Ndroqi, who brought joy to our service, to the children who have serious illnesses, and are in a tough period of their lives.

On a particular day , they transmitted to all people , a sense of humanity , of responsibility , of citizenship , of solidarity , what every citizen should have in their spirit, and make use of, every day of their lives , ” – Mrs. Godo said.

Since its creation, the Association of Honorary Consuls has engaged in a series of activities that were more than just diplomatic, such as economic and humanitarian activities.