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204th Anniversary of Mexican Independence. Celebration all over the country, Embassies and Consulates worldwide

Posted on 17 September 2014 by Web Master

The United States of Mexico has celebrated the 204th anniversary of independence from Spain!


Tens of thousands of people gathered at the  central square of Zocalo to remember what is known as the Revolution “Cry of Dolores “, “El Gritto”, which maked the first step on the road to the country’s independence.

Mexicans commemorated the early hours of 16 September in 1810 when Miguel Hidalgo Costilla a priest from the small town of Dolores, Guanajuato, rang  the church’s bell to gather the townspeople.

He called Mexicans to rise against the Spanish crown, and fight for the independence.

More than two centuries after, exactly at the same hour, 11:00, rang the same bell the President of the United States of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto.

From the main balcony of the National Palace, the President of Mexico shouts  “El Gritto” to thousands of people in the square and  millions who followed him through the television, to commemorate those who gave their lives for an independent  country.

The large crowd answered to his call shouting “Long live Mexico” .

Traditionally, Mexican Independence Day makes the country  a place of joy, that is decorated a month ago with red, white and green lights echoing the colors of the  Mexican flag.

Celebrating the  204-anniversary are joined the   Mexican Embassies  and consulates worldwide , holding ceremonies and  also messages of congratulations for the head of  Mexican state.

Mexican Independence Day is congratulated by the Honorary Consul of the United States of Mexico in Tirana, Mr. Ylli Ndroqi,  sending  a message of congratulations to  president Enrique Pena Nieto, where convey his  warm greetings to the friendly people of Mexico and expressed the desire to further strengthen bridges of cooperation between Albania and Mexico.

“I am convinced that the enduring relationships  between our two countries, which fortunately are revitalized and recently strengthened further, will continue to be developed and strengthened in all areas, based on respect and mutual advantage, bringing our peoples even closer to each other. Above all, I am confident that through joint efforts, friendship and fruitful cooperation between Albania and Mexico, will continue to develop and successfully deepened in the interest of the peoples and our countries.

Along with best wishes for the Mexican Independence Day, I would like to express full confidence in the successful path of sustained economic growth that Mexico has taken. I strongly believe that the successful growth of the role that Mexico has in the region and world, will strongly contribute to the welfare and prosperity of the Mexican people, region and the entire world “.

Please, Mr President  accept my best wishes for continued success, wealthy and prosperity for Mexico! The Albanian people  feels closed to the spirit and cause of  the Grito de Dolores of Father Miguel Hidalgo. “¡Viva México!” Long live Mexico! “ends his wishes Mr. Ndroqi.

204th anniversary of Mexico’s independence was celebrated in the Embassy of the Mexico, in Brussels, where is held a special ceremony.