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Albania interested in Mexican tourism, Honorary consul Ylli Ndroqi seeks more cooperation

Posted on 18 June 2014 by Administrator

Each year, the United States of Mexico are a tourist destination for millions of people from around the world, who are welcomed by 52 international airports across the territory.

Tourism is a pillar of the economy, and a valued asset by the Mexican citizens and the government of the country. Cultural,, coastal, adventur, and wellbeing tourism turn Mexico into a unique country.

102 Honorary Consuls of the United States of Mexico, who are staying in Mexico City, were familiarized by the Minister of Recreation and the Tourism Industry, Claudia Ruis Masseiu, with the unlimited possibilities that this country offers in this sector.

She said:
“Mexico is a different country, with many touristic destinations. The beaches are populated, and create the impression that the coast is the most preferred tourist area in Mexico. But you are wrong, cultural tourism holds the first place. Adventure tourism, sports, luxury, and good food, attract people’s attention from all over the world. Cancun, established 40 years ago, or Acapulco, are international brands. There are all these alternatives, to facilitate our work in attracting tourists, and hopefully even yours, honorable consuls, in promoting our country, “said the Minister of Recreation and Tourism Industry, Claudia Ruis Masseiu.

Mexico, although a destination that is geographically distant from Albania, is turning into one of the favorites for the Albanians. However, there is still much work to be done. Convinced of this, the Honorary Consul of the United States of Mexico to Albania, Ylli Ndroqi asked this question:

“Since we are honorary consuls, and we do an important task for the promotion of culture and tourism of Mexico, and many Albanians who are interested want to visit and recognize Mexico… What could be the options we may have to undertake together, to enhance cooperation in this important area of Mexican culture and tourism, both in Mexico and in Albania “?

The minister replied:
“We have a regional center in Europe for the promotion of tourism, so you can create contacts for areas that you can cooperate with, not only in Albania, but throughout the Balkans. This agency promotes Mexican tourism . It deals with various tourist agencies, and it may work on a strategic plan to promote tourism in Mexico, and in Albania. The third step is that if there are annual tourism fairs taking place in Albania, it would be our pleasure to bring some representatives, which will promote Mexican tourism “, said the Minister.

After the speech at the meeting of the Honorary Consuls, the Minister of Tourism, Claudia Ruis Masseiu, had a brief conversation with the Honorary Consul of the United States of Mexico in Albania, Ylli Ndroqi.

Mr Ndroqi familiarized the minister with his efforts to promote the touristic Mexico, as one of the world’s best attractions. He invited the Minister Masseiu to visit Albania, an invitation that was accepted with pleasure by the minister.

Mexico has begun a path of transformation, which is reflected in the growth of the country’s finances. The Minister of Finance and Public Credit in the United States of Mexico, Luis Caso, spoke to the Honorary consuls, about what he called the country’s era of change.

“Let me first thank you for your outstanding work, through which you connect Mexico to the country that you come from, and give a valuable contribution to each of us through your work. Today the world speaks about all the reforms that Mexico is taking under President Nieto. The reforms made Mexico put its engines in motion, and move forward with big steps. In 1980 Mexico was a closed market, but today it is one of the best countries in world trade. Today we have economic agreements with 45 countries. Now the economic agreements are not focused only on exports, but also on foreign investment in Mexico, and abroad. Today, Mexico has become a country with strong economic stability, which gives security to each investment. ” Said the minister of Finance and Public Credit, Luis Caso.

This economic stability, and natural resources that Mexico has to offer, are a good catalog for the Honorary consuls to promote the country worldwide.