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Albania-Mexico, strengthened friendship

Posted on 18 June 2016 by Web Master

The Conference of Honorary Consuls from Mexico, Albania, Italy, Malta, and San Marino was held in the Embassy of the United Mexican States, in Rome, Italy.

Italy’s newly appointed Mexican Ambassador, Juan Jose Guerra Abud, welcomed Albania’s Honorary Consul of Mexico, Mr. Ylli Ndroqi. Sr. Abud called Mr. Ndroqi a great friend and expressed that Mexico is honored to be represented by him.

The Conference aimed to inform the Honorary Consuls about the latest reforms the President of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto, has undertaken, and also with the developments, in areas of interest, as promoters of the United Mexican States in the world.

The work of the Honorary Consuls was given a special importance as Ambassador Guerra Abud named them unique bridges of cooperation and friendship between the two countries.
During speeches of the Conference, representatives of the Mexican state identified The Consulate of Mexico in Tirana as among the highest-rated, specifically Consul Ylli Ndroqi, who was praised for his valuable contributions during the last 4 years.

Thanks to his dedication and significant engagement, the Consulate has managed to exceed the attributes of an Honorary Consulate, turning into an excellent partner of Mexico in Albania.
The vice Ambassador, Gabriel Rosenzweig; the Consul of Mexico in Rome, Gustavo Martinez Ciance; and Oscar Camaccho, Head of ProMéxico Office for economic cooperation; stressed that the Consulate in Albania is an example of effective cooperation in the fields of diplomacy, Consular services, economic cooperation and promotion of tourism and culture.
In his speech, the Honorary Consul of Mexico in Albania, Mr.Ndroqi, briefed the participants about the demanding work that has been done to facilitate free movement between the two countries and the protection of Mexican citizens’ rights in Albania, which has strengthened economic and institutional cooperation between the two countries and a promotion of culture and tourism.
In recent years, Mexico has become one of the tourism capitals of the world, with a successful combination of cultural heritage, nature, coastal areas and tourist services. In, 2014 Mexico was visited by 20 million tourists and according to the World Tourism Organization, it is one of the most visited destinations of Latin America and the world’s 10th most visited country.
The impact of the reforms undertaken recently has significantly contributed to economic growth, ranking Mexico the first in Latin America and the 15th worldwide.
Italy’s Mexican Ambassador, Guerra Abud, reiterated his positive evaluation of Mr. Ylli Ndroqi, the Honorary Consul of Mexico in Albania, and expressed an interest in visiting Tirana.
“The purpose of this Conference was to acquaint the participants with numerous reforms undertaken by Mexico under President Nieto, structural reforms in economy and trade,” said the Ambassador.
The Conference served to better inform the Mexican Honorary Consuls about the current situation in Mexico and about the reforms’ path.

“We have an extraordinary collaboration with the Honorary Consul of Mexico in Albania, and we are very honored by the way he represents us. Mexico’s President, Enrico Pena Nieta, personally recommended that I discuss the opportunities to increase economic, cultural and tourism cooperation between countries with an Honorary Consul of Mexico.
I hope that I will be in Albania soon, to present the credentials of Ambassador of Mexico to Albania, a task entrusted to me by the President of the country, Sr. Nieto.

Along with the Honorary Consul of Mexico in Albania, we will examine the best possible policies to increase economic, cultural and tourism cooperation with Albania,” saidAmbassador Guerra Abud.

Mr. Ndroqi had this to say: I have been serving as the Honorary Consul of the United Mexican States in Tirana for almost 4 years. During this period, we have had tremendous coordination between the Mexican Embassy in Rome and Albania. We have cooperated and worked hard in the field of diplomatic and economic relations.
We have supported Mexican citizens who visit Albania and we have helped them with their visas or passports. These tasks have been carried out in close cooperation with the Embassy of Mexico in Rome, and our Mexican Consulate in Tirana.

Cooperation with the Ambassador of Mexico has been very good and will continue to be strengthened as more and more Mexican tourists visit Albania, as well as more Albanian tourists visit Mexico, a country with rare coastal and rich cultural tourism, that cannot be found elsewhere”.

In an interview given with Mrs. Alba Kepi, an Ora News correspondent in Rome; Oscar Camacchao, from the ProMéxico head office in Milan, said;

“Albania is an important part of our work strategy, because it is a connecting bridge to the Balkan countries.
From a strategic perspective, we consider Albania to be a country where we should increase Mexican enterprise, infrastructure, and other projects that can reinforce the relationship with this country. We can also benefit more from a cooperative relationship with Honorary Consul Ndroqi, to increase cultural interactions. We are working to bring several Mexican soap operas to Albanian television which will serve Albanians to better know Mexican culture and art. Also, we are working with the Mexican Consulate in Tirana to: increase trade cooperation between Albania and Mexico, to better know some typical Mexican products, and to learn of other investments in the field of heavy industry and renewable energy. Our Consulate of Mexico in Tirana plays an important role with Albanian entrepreneurs “.

Mexico is a country rich not only in natural resources, but also with outstanding gastronomy, famous around the world. Even though the conference was held in Rome, Mexican food was served at the work lunch for the Honorary Consuls.

Guests visited the Art gallery in Rome where they were briefed on the works of Sergio Hernandez, a well-known Mexican modern artist, whose works will also be displayed in Tirana, in collaboration with the Consulate of Mexico in Albania.
Direct flights to Mexico City from the Italian capital Rome, will be a cooperative bridge between the two countries. The Mexican Embassy hosted an inaugural celebration at the end of the Conference of Honorary Consuls.

The presence of Alitalia’s President, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, was an indicator of the importance a direct connection with Mexico, the 10th most visited country in the world, is given by Alitalia.

Sr. Cordero di Montezemolo held a meeting with Mr.Ndroqi, where he conveyed his admiration for Gianni De Biasi, the Italian coach of the Albanian national football team, as particular friend.

A customary Mariachi band was present to represent the musical culture of Mexico as well, bringing a joyful atmosphere to the closing of the Conference as they closed with traditional Mexican songs and dances.