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Ambassador of Mexico in Albania, Abud praises the role of Honorary Consul of Mexico

Posted on 19 October 2016 by Web Master

Headquartered in Rome, Italy, Juan José Guerra Abud is Albania’s official Ambassador of Mexico.

After submitting his credentials to the President of the Republic of Albania, the Ambassador of Mexico was decreed his diplomatic mandate.

Ambassador Guerra Abud paid an important visit to the honorary consulate of the United Mexican States, which is considered Mexican soil. His visit serves to strengthen cooperation between the two countries.

Since the opening of the honorary consulate, headed by Mr. Ylli Ndroqi 4 years ago, Mexico has fostered increasing and improving political, economic and cultural relations. The Honorary consulate office is an open door to all Mexican citizens for their concerns, but also to all Albanian citizens who want to visit Mexico.

Mr. Abud praised the work done by the Honorary Consul of Mexico and his role for enhancing relations between Albania and Mexico.

During his second visit to Albania, Mr. Abud paid a visit to RTV Ora News, where he was able to closely examine the combination of professionalism of the informative television, along with the impressive technology investments made.

The Mexican Ambassador also held a meeting with the vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Energy, and the Minister of Agriculture, with whom he discussed strengthening cooperation between our two countries.