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Association of Honorary Consuls, the steering team was reconfirmed with a 3 year mandate

Posted on 23 January 2015 by Web Master

The Association of honorary consuls has gathered for its third General Assembly, one year after they were first established.

The 20 honorary counsels discussed the activities of the association during the past year.

The chairman of the Association of honorary consuls, Mr. Ylli Ndroqi, gave the following acceptance speech:

“We desired to strengthen our position as Honorary Counsels in Albania, and to strengthen the relations with Albanian institutions, as well as with the community. We wanted to promote the image of the honorary consuls in Albania. We have made a dignified presentation of the Association. I assure you that I will do the impossible to make sure that the honorary consuls of Albania meet the western standards. I will ensure that we have complete immunity, and are always at the center of attention for what we represent here in Albania, as Honorary Consuls”- said Mr. Ndroqi.


The purpose of the meeting was to balance the representation of the group, and to select the new leaders.

According to the statutes of the organization, at the beginning of the year the consuls must choose the new steering team.

Unanimously, the association reconfirmed the Counsel for the United States of Mexico, Mr. Ylli Ndroqi as the head of the Association of honorary consuls. They appointed him a 3 year mandate.

The association recognized the need to expand their governing structures, and decided to appoint a vice-president as well. The Counsel of Mongolia, Belma Chela, was chosen as the new vice president of the association.
In just a short time, the association has managed to join the two largest federations of counsels at the European and World level.

The appreciation and confidence that the European consulate has for this association has been shown in their decision to hold the next meeting in the Albanian Capital.