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EID AL FITR, Politicians wish peace, harmony, and prosperity to Albanians

Posted on 17 July 2015 by Web Master

Many of the state leaders have conveyed congratulatory messages for Muslim holiday of Bajram.

The High state authorities, representatives of political parties, ambassadors to our country, and honorary consuls wished for more peace and harmony for all Albanians. President Nishani made the following address:

“On this joyful day, I want to highlight the fact that it is important to spread love and unity in our nation, through sacrifice, work and dedication. Our country is blessed by natural beauty, and it deserves our love, our respect, and our dedication, in order to get what it deserves, and the standards we deserve”-

The Assembly Speaker Ilir Meta gave this message:

“Happy Eid Al Fitr. God rewards all of your spiritual and physical sacrifices. I wish for more peace, happiness and prosperity in your families.”

The Minister of Social Welfare, Blendi Klosi, said:

“Bajram comes after the month of sacrifices, the month when we express love for each other. In the name of the government and of Prime Minister Edi Rama, I wish for more harmony and peace for the Albanian nation. I hope that sympathy for the poor will accompany us throughout the whole year, because they are the ones who need the most care from the state.”-

Edi Paloka, the head of the democratic parliamentary group, made the following address:

“I want to convey my best wishes to the Muslim believers on the occasion of Bajram. This is a holiday that carries a special meaning, not only in the religious aspect, but in every aspect, because we should all believe that good things come after sacrifice. In the name of the Democrats and the Democratic chairman, I wish the best to all Muslims”-

The honorary consul of Mexico Ylli Ndroqi also paid a visit to the Muslim Community, and conveyed his best wishes to the Muslim believers.