Honorary Consul

BIOGRAPHY: Dr.H.C Ylli Ndroqi

Dr.H.C Ylli  Ndroqi is one of the most prominent businessmen in Albania in the field of media and investments in infrastructure and import-export, founder and director of some of the most prominent companies in Albania. Mr. Ndroqi is as well, a distinguished voice in the field of Honorary Consuls diplomacy and president of one of the biggest media groups in Albania and the region, YLDON MEDIA group, which includes two national television stations, RTV Ora News and Channel 1, and an informative radio. These media have been considered by the public and media experts, as the strongest voice of independent Albanian media in recent years.:

Personal life and studies:

Dr.H.C Ylli Ndroqi was born on March 11, 1965, he is married with Ms. Mimoza Ndroqi and has two children, Redon andYldon Ndroqi.

He graduated in the University of Tirana, in History – Geography and following the great success in business, has received the title of Doctor Honoris Causa in Business Management and Media, from the Costantinian University, State of Road Island, USA. Mr. Ndroqi is the first Albanian and the 10 th person worldwide, to be awarded this important title, since 1966 when started the tradition of awarding honoris causa degrees to distinguished personalities from different countries of the world.

 Professional careers in business:

Mr. Ndroqi has started his career as a businessman in 1991, establishing one of the first businesses after the collapse of communism in Albania and the opening of the free market. The first company of a long and successful career in business was founded by Mr. Ndroqi in 1991, by initially concentrating the activity in the field of import-export, distribution, wholesale and retail trade of fruits and vegetables, food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Thanks to successful business strategies and deep commitment, this company rapidly developed and became the leading company in Albania and in the region in the distribution of the most popular brands of beverages globally (Grölsch Beer, Amsterdam beer, Bull IT energy drink, Stardon, Cooldon, etc). This company has exclusivity in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and Macedonia.

After an important success in this field, Mr. Ndroqi expanded his vision and investment and created the YLDON group, as a comprehensive group of his companies. In 2002 he established Yldon Exchange, a foreign exchange point network, which is today present in almost every important trade center in the capital. The success of the first businesses was followed in 2002 by another investment in the field of services and tourism, Yldon Travel Agency.

With the ambition to expand his business development with a clear vision and orientation towards success, in 2006 Mr.Ndroqi started investing in the construction sector, establishing and running for the following years LANDON Ltd, a company which was involved in the construction of many public and private buildings (buildings, investments in urbanization, roads, underpasses and overpasses, bridges and sewers, etc.).

Following the development and continued growth of successful investments in various fields, in 2012, Mr.Ndroqi established the Company Landon Ecogades Balcan sh.a., as part of an Albanian-Spanish cooperation, the first leading company in Albania in the field of recycling used oils and port waste oils, which at present owns a recycling plant that operates with European standards.

Mr. Ndroqi is also the founder and president of various companies as DON UCD sh.p.k operating in the import – export of electrical materials and luminaires. In the framework of business activities, recently Mr. Ndroqi has become president and shareholder of the company Rendon Oil sh.a in the Port of Shengjin, a successful company which operates in the creation, installation and operation of equipment, stations, units and lines to carry out the processing and trade of oil, industrial oils, bio-fuel, gas, etc.).

Subsequent to investments in various fields and the development of its businesses, with the vision to always overcome himself and follow the latest trend of the national and regional economy, in 2015 Yldon Group takes ownership of a chrome mine in Martanesh, Albania, which reserves more than 500,000 tons of chromium with a texture of 42-48%, and is prospected as a highly successful business.

portiimgFinally, as a colossal investment and unique in its kind, Mr. Ndroqi through YLDON Company, has started an investment in the coast of Durres, with the concessionary company "Albanian Bay Marina". An impressive and ambitious project to create a luxurious port of yachts in Durres, Albania has started as one of the biggest investments in this field by promoting, not only the economy but also tourism and transcendent values ​​of the Albanian coast.

Certainly one of the most important and successful investments undertaken and led by Mr. Ndroqi is YLDON MEDIA GROUP, consisting of RTV Ora News and Channel 1. In 2007, TV Ora News, a 24 hour live news media, became part of YLDON Group, and after years of investment and contribution is at present one of the most followed national media in the country. Following the ambitious investments in this field, Ylli Ndroqi created for the first time in Albania an informative Radio 24 hours at the service of the public, Radio Ora News. The investment in the media sector, continued with the purchase of Channel 1 generalist television channel, which completed the range of media, from which was created YLDON MEDIA GROUP, one of the strongest informative and independent voices, as a combination of the vision and work of a successful businessman as Mr. Ndroqi, but as well the commitment to inform, entertain and be at the complete service of the public.

In the framework of the exchange of experiences and activities of Yldon Media Group, Mr. Ndroqi had an official meeting with the Minister of Information in Kuwait, and was invited to start cooperation for the international development of media.

Since 1991 Yldon Group companies have undertaken various initiatives in the areas of business investing ambitiously in its growth and the inclusion of a very wide range of development. Year after year, Yldon Group has managed to become one of the most powerful groups in Bangladesh with investments across the country.

Leader of many succesful companies in Albania with over 900 employees, Mr. Ndroqi is also the founding member of several Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Albania:

  • Founder and Vice President of the Europarlamentarian Group of Entrepreneurs in Albania
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana
  • Member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Albania
  • Member of the British Chamber of Commerce in Albania

Since 2012, Mr. Ndroqi has combined his successful career in business with a career in diplomacy.

Diplomatic career:

In 2012 Mr. Ndroqi was appointed Honorary Consul General of the United States of Mexico in Albania by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United States of Mexico. Since then, Mr. Ndroqi has been extremely active in the field of diplomacy, being a strong voice in the diplomacy of Honorary Consuls.

konsulli2In his capacity of Honorary Consul General of Mexico Mr. Ndroqi has established an important bridge of cooperation in the field of economic diplomacy, and has had an active role in support of Mexican citizens in Albania and promotion of Mexican culture. Since the beginning of his term Mr. Ndroqi has started work to establish strong links between the two countries. In the area of ​​economic cooperation, it was organized for the first time in Albania, the Albanian – Mexican Business Forum, as an ideal opportunity to establish the basis of successful economic exchanges between the two countries. In the context of free movement, since his appointment, the Consul started immediately lobbying and reached the agreement for Mexican citizens to entry without visas in Albania for tourism, while is continuing to lobby for visa liberalization for Albanian citizens who want to visit Mexico for tourism. Mr. Ndroqi also organized several artistic events to promote Mexican culture and has been very active in direct and supportive relationships with all Mexican citizens in Albania.

In several official visits in Mexico, Mr. Ndroqi met leaders of the country, as government ministers, heads of central and local government. During the meeting with the Foreign Minister of Mexico, in 2014, he got the full support to continue his work and build bridges of cooperation with Albania. In addition to his activity as honorary consul, Mr. Ndroqi was the first Albanian to meet the President of the United States of Mexico Enrique Peña Nieto on 18.06.2014. During this historic meeting, Mr. Ndroqi was acclaimed for the excellent work as Honorary Consul in Albania.

In 2014, was established the Association of Honorary Consuls in Albania, aiming to unite the Honorary Consuls from all states and to coordinate their joint work. Mr. Ndroqi was unanimously elected Chairman of the Association. After very few years of activity the association has become one of the most powerful promoters of economic diplomacy in Albania. In its activities, the Association of Honorary Consuls in Albania, has organized a series of activities affecting several important areas such as the development of economic diplomacy, the promotion of foreign investments in Albania, employment and international/regional cooperation, in cooperation with several important actors for the development of economic diplomacy as public institutions, the Ministry of foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Entrepreneurship, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth, representatives of the diplomatic corps, representatives of local and foreign business, etc.

This association adheres to the European Federation of Honorary Consuls (FUECH) and the World Federation of Consuls (FICAC) expanding every day more the impact of its work.


konsulli4Humanitarian activity and sport

Beyond involvement in the business and media sector, Mr. Ndroqi has supported a number of initiatives in the field of sports, culture and humanity in the entire country.

Mr. Ndroqi is President of the Professional Boxing Federation of Albania and Honorary President of the World Boxing Federation (World Boxing Federation), receiving several awards in this field such as promoter of the Year 2010, etc. Giving a valuable contribution in the field of sports, Mr. Ndroqi has been one of the main supporters of the Albanian boxing and personal supporter of the world champion boxer Mr. Kreshnik Qato.

In one of his most ambitious initiatives in the field of sports, Mr. Ndroqi has run for several years Shkumbin Football Club. He has also supported periodically the Albanian Aeronautical Federation and Albanian Cycling Federation in their national and regional initiatives. Mr. Ndroqi supported the Albanian National Olympic Committee, especially in the Special Olympics World Games held in 2015 in Los Angeles, United States.

With the desire to contribute to the preservation of historical and monumental values ​​of the country and especially of his hometown, Mr. Ndroqi organized and supported several cultural and artistic activities in collaboration with "Artistic Cultural Association of Ndroq" being awarded as President of honor of this association. He has supported a number of initiatives for the promotion of culture and Albanian artists, ranging from organizing various artistic events, to the promotion of various books of Albanians writers.

Wishing to be closer to communities in need, Mr. Ndroqi has contributed and has been one of the main supporters of the humanitarian organizations operating in Albania, as the Red Cross, the Association of Children of police officers killed on duty, Association of orphan children and contributed as well for public institutions of orphans and disabled children in different cities of Albania. Mr. Ndroqi has always been present helping communities, during civil emergencies like floods in the country, natural calamities, etc.

Membership and titles:

  • Honorary Consul General of the United States of Mexico in Albania
  • Chairman of the Association of “Honorary Consuls in Albania”
  • President of the Albanian Federation of Professional Boxing
  • Honorary President of the World Boxing Federation (WBF)
  • Promoter of the Year 2010 award from the World Boxing Federation (WBF)
  • Honorary President of the Association “Art Cultural Association of Ndroq”
  • Founder and Vice President of the Europarlamentarian Group of Entrepreneurs in Albania
  • Member of the Board of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana
  • Member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Albania
  • Member of the British Chamber of Commerce in Albania
  • Certificate of Appreciation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United States of Mexico for the excellent work as Honorary Consul, 2014