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Honorary Consulate of Mexico in Tirana pays its respect to Benito Juarez’s anniversary

Posted on 22 March 2013 by Administrator

Benito-Juarez The Mexican Consulate in Tirana today has honored a Mexican hero. The special event was the 207-th anniversary of Don Benito Juarez’s birth.

Don Benito Juarez was born in san pablo guelatao, oaxaca, mexico on march 21, 1806.

Juarez enacted the constitution of 1857 in Oaxaca. He was appointed Minister of the Interior (1857), and later during Comonfort’s term in office, Juarez was elected president of the supreme court. However, Comonfort ignored the constitution of 1857, organized a coup, and imprisoned Juarez, which sparked the War of the Reform.

juarez was released on january 11, 1858, and later assumed the position of president in guanajuato. after the war of reform, and the triumph of the liberals, juarez was constitutionally elected to continue his presidency on june 15, 1861.

His defense of human rights served as an example to other latin american countries and he was proclaimed the “benemérito of the americas” he expressed his philosophy through this phrase “among individuals as among nations, respect for the rights of others is peace” in october 1867 Juarez was reelected president of the Republic of Mexico. He was reelected to the position of the president of mexico for the last time in 1871, and died on july 18, 1872.