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Honorary Consuls, Assembly of Honorary Consuls gathers in Romania

Posted on 09 December 2015 by Web Master

The Assembly of Honorary Consuls was held today in Romania.

The various Associations of Consuls discussed the importance of economic diplomacy, and the measures to integrate the refugees from the war zones.

Representatives from the European Federation of Honorary Consuls discussed the current situation in Europe, the necessary measures for the treatment and integration of refugees from countries at war, and the importance of strengthening diplomatic relations.

The Assembly discussed the need for cooperation on global initiatives for promoting peace and cooperation in the world. The Albanian Association of Honorary Consuls was represented by the Vice Chairwoman Belma Çela.

Since its creation two years ago, “The Association of Honorary Consuls of Albania” has been active not only in the field of diplomacy, but also in various areas of interest, to strengthen relations between the countries represented by the consuls.

In this context, the Association aims to unite the voices of Consuls, to promote and mutually support of the work and activities they perform in Albania. The Albanian Association is an active member in the European Federation of Honorary Consuls.