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Investments and employment, Association of Honorary Consuls calls a special meeting

Posted on 21 October 2015 by Web Master

Representatives of the government, the business sector, and diplomacy gathered for a meeting today that was called by the association of honorary consuls, to discuss important concerns about investments and employment. This is the second year this meeting has been held, in which the business reps aim to increase the investments in the country through economic development.

The head of the honorary consuls in Albania, Mr. Ylli Ndroqi, encouraged the utilization of Albania’s potential to increase employment. He guaranteed that the association he leads will contribute to this process. Mr. Ndroqi made the following statement: “In the framework of supporting the activity of honorary consuls in Albania, we organize this meeting with key stakeholders, and heads of public and private institutions domestic and foreign, in order to strengthen the foundations of cooperation, and to promote and support the key issue of employment in Albania. Albania has tremendous potential in both natural and human resources, but the opportunities offered by the labor market are not being properly used, or developed to utilize the extraordinary human resource potential we have in Albania”-said Mr. Ndroqi.

Also present at the activity, the Minister of Economy Arben Ahmetaj considered the partnership with the association of honorary consuls as being very important for attracting foreign investments.

Minister Ahmetaj listed the government reforms with the goal of increasing economy and employment, and highlighted the operation against informality. Expressing esteem for the work of the honorary consuls as promoters of foreign investment, Minister Ahmetaj asked them to promote the law on strategic investments. The Minister of Social Welfare and Youth also spoke at the meeting, raising the alarm about the lack of qualified employees. According to Mr. Klosi, this was the cause of 10,000 vacancies in the institutions that depend on his ministry. He asked for further cooperation with business, vocational education, and the labor market. German ambassador Hofmann asked for the improvement of infrastructure in Albania, and for an increase of foreign investments in the country. The Bulgarian ambassador and the representatives of the business community also expressed their opinions on the path that Albania should take to improve employment.