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Meta meets the Association of Honorary Consuls, your role as important as the Ambassadors role

Posted on 20 February 2014 by Administrator

Today the Assembly speaker, Ilir Meta held a meeting with the Association of Honorary Consuls at the premises of the Assembly .

Even though only a few days have passed since its creation, the Association of the Honorary Consuls in Tirana is active in harmonizing its functions, and also in its relations with the Albanian institutions. The first meeting of the Association of the Honorary Consuls was held with the Assembly speaker, Ilir Meta.



To start the journey of a strong collaboration, the head of the Parliament held a meeting with 18 Honorary Consuls, a meeting that was requested by the head of the consuls and the Chairman of the association, Ylli Ndroqi.



The number one man of the Parliament praised the important role that the consuls have in improving the image of Albania in the countries that they represent. Meta promised that he and the parliament will always collaborate with the Association.


Even though he was among diplomatic representatives, the head of the Parliament decided not to be a diplomat, but to be straightforward. He said:

The contribution of the consuls is important in strengthening the relations between our country and the countries you represent. Your role is of great importance in improving the image of Albania in the world. In many cases, time has shown that your role is more important than the role of the Ambassadors.

Evaluating the readiness of the Head of the Parliament to welcome the Honorary Consuls of the whole world to the meeting, the chairman of the Association, Ylli Ndroqi, who represents the state of Mexico in Tirana, said that the Association will serve as a strong bridge between Albania and the 28 countries that are represented by their consuls in Albania.

“Our primary aim is to strengthen the ties of business, and to increase the investments in our country.” He said.

“The purpose of the Association of consuls is to strengthen the business ties between Albania and the countries that we represent. Our activity is a contribution of great value. The Association of consuls is a great movement for cooperation between Albania and the countries that we represent ” – said Mr. Ndroqi.

The dean of the Association, the Honorary Consul of Austria in Tirana, Gjergji Liqezja , emphasized the role that Albania will have in establishing the cooperation agreements, not only in the economic sector, but also in other sectors, like tourism.


In sign of appreciation, the Association gifted to the leader of the Assembly, Ilir Meta, the symbol of the newly formed union, the logo of the Association of Honorary Consuls in Tirana.

The friendly meeting went on for about 30 minutes, where the head of the Assembly was recognized with the activity of the Association and its objectives in the future.

In unison, the Consuls expressed their determination to give their maximum contribution, in order to provide a positive image of Albania to the world, but on the other hand, estimated that more must be done to improve their rights and privileges as Honorary Consuls.