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Mr. Ylli Ndroqi has become the first Albanian to be received by the President of the United States of Mexico.

Posted on 18 June 2014 by Administrator

The visit that the honorary consul of the United States of Mexico is holding in Mexico City has reached its peak, with a meeting with the head of the Mexican state, Enrique Pena Nieto.

The President of the United States of Mexico held a cordial meeting with the Honorary Consul in Albania, who has held this duty for nearly a year and a half.

Mr. Ndroqi thanked the president of the Mexican state for the possibility of meeting with him, and expressed gratitude for the trust given to him, to be the representative of the United States of Mexico to Albania.


Mr. Ndroqi said that since the beginning of this diplomatic mission, he has been guided by a principle, working in the interest of the Mexican state.

He informed the President about the efforts to promote Mexico in Albania, through the presentation of economic, commercial, cultural , and touristic spaces that this country offers.

In this first meeting with the Honorary Consul in Albania, the president of the United States of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto, thanked Mr. Ndroqi for the dignified representation of his country in Tirana, and praised the work that he has done since taking up this duty. He expressed his desire for the efforts of the Honorary Consul to bring the two countries, that are geographically remote, closer through the strengthening of bilateral relations.

To keep this first official meeting in memory, and as a sign of gratitude to the Mexican state, and to the president Nieto, Mr. Ndroqi gifted to the head of the Mexican state, a national symbol, the helmet of the national hero George Kastriot Scanderbeg.

The meeting between Mr. Ndroqi and Mr. Nieto was held in the framework of the meeting of the Honorary consuls of Mexico around the world, which is being held in Mexico City.
President Nieto hosted a special reception at the National Palace, in honor of the 102 consuls. Expressing gratitude for the work and the dignified representation of Mexico around the world, Nieto assured the honorary consuls that he will be by their side, to advance this beautiful but difficult diplomatic mission.


He said:
“It is a honor to welcome at the National Palace of Mexico the honorary consuls from around the world. I hope that this meeting that is being held today will familiarize you with what is happening now in Mexico. I want to emphasize that we are grateful for all that you do for Mexico. The president of the republic will be side by side with those who love Mexico. Mexico today is undergoing a makeover thanks to the reforms and political forces that have led to the reforms.”

The Mexican President issued this call to the honorary consuls:

“Mexico is preparing to be a protagonist in the World Economics, and to be positioned as an attractive location for investment in trade and tourism. This is the message of transformation, a message that Iask you to transmit to your countries. Mexico is the land of the free people. This is the country that you represent, this is your country.

A series of ministers, like the foreign minister Hose Antonio maede Kuribrena, the minister of economy, Ildefonso Guahardo Villareal, the minister of Tourism, Claudia Ruis Massieu, and other high authorities of the United States of Mexico, were present at the reception organized by the President of Mexico.