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The honorary consuls of Mexico in the world gather in the United States of Mexico. The honorary consul of Mexico in Albania, Mr.Ylli Ndroqi attends the meeting.

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After 15 years of absence, Mexico City has welcomed the honorary consuls of the United States of Mexico from around the world.

102 diplomatic representatives of Mexico from 57 different countries were invited to the most important activity dedicated to the honorary consuls, among them the honorary consul of the United States of Mexico to Albania,Ylli Ndroqi.

The invitation for the consuls, signed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of The United States of Mexico, Jose Antonio Meade Kuribrena, stated that it is a privilege that Mexico has such honored personalities to perform the important service of representation of Mexico around the world.
“Considering your maximum performance and your efforts in favor of Mexico, let this meeting serve as an expression of appreciation for the excellent work you have done, and secondly for the presentation of the Mexican reality and the possibility to recognize our country a little more.”read the invitation of the Mexican top diplomat, Kuribrena.

On these grounds, Mexico brought together the Honorary Consuls of this country, in the capital, Mexico City, for a series of meetings between the dates of the 16 19 of June, with an agenda that included talks with ministers, governors, municipal mayors, and culminating in a meeting with the President of the United States of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto.
The meeting, which lasted for several days, was held under tight security measures. The Foreign Ministry had asked for the help of the police authorities, which followed the consuls throughout the activities.

The meeting of the Honorary Consuls of the United States of Mexico started on the 16th of June.
The event, which had not been held for a decade and a half, for the local authorities, was seen as a sign of gratitude for the work of the consuls, and also as an opportunity to raise other bridges of cooperation through their intervention.
A series of Ministers participated in the meeting of the consuls, but the welcoming speech was given by the Minister who organized this important meeting, the Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Meade Kurobrena.

Addressing the honorary consuls, he expressed his esteem for the task that they perform, and asked for their support to help Mexico make further steps forward.
“It is the first time in 15 years that we have had such an event in honor of Mexico’s representatives around the world. Mexico has a wide array of consuls in Europe, America, and Africa, and also in many other countries. Many of you are young, others have more than 20 years experience in this post. Just as we did years ago, today we seek support from the honorary consuls. In recent years, Mexico has been in trouble and you have supported us. Therefore, today is a special day for Mexico, which is headed by President Pena Nieto, and today, in this meeting, he expresses his recognition for your goodwill and your help. . You, the honorary consuls, are promoting the Mexican image, culture, and economy. You care for the interests of Mexico. We are sure that you support Mexico. This meeting is the moment to strengthen the friendship between Mexico and your countries of origin. We pray for the strengthening of our economic relations, trade and cultural exchanges. I believe that today I express our common desire to advance the relations between our countries in every aspect. I share with pleasure the fact that Mexico is moving toward being an economic center, so we are asking you to pave this route through promotion. Thank you for the work done so far. Thank you for being part of this meeting. Thank you for your help, “said Kuribenja.

For the first time, in the meeting of the Honorary Consuls of the United States of Mexico, there was a representative from Albania, the honorary consul of Mexico to Albania, Ylli Ndroqi, for whom the Foreign Minister Jose Antonio Meade Kuribrena reserved a special meeting.
Since taking office as an honorary consul, this was the second meeting of Mr. Ylli Ndroqi with the Mexican diplomat. On his part, Mr. Ndroqi took the opportunity to thank the Minister for the friendly and loving meeting, and also for the support of the institution he heads; the Honorary Consulate in Tirana.
Consul Ndroqi and a number of Mexican diplomats evaluated the current situation of bilateral relations, and in unison, expressed the desire to further strengthen relations, and to solidify them in areas of common interest to both countries.
During the conversation, Mr. Ndroqi familiarized Minister Kuribena with his efforts to bring Mexico closer to Albanians, through promoting the values and opportunities that this country offers.

“I have tried to promote economy and tourism. Now Mexico is more recognized in Albania, ” said Consul Ndroqi.
To give another dimension to these efforts, Mr. Ndroqi invited the Foreign Minister Jose Antonio Maede Kuribena to visit Albania, an invitation to which he responded positively.
The Mexican diplomat praised the work of Mr. Ndroqi as the representative of Mexico to Albania, considering it to be excellent, and thanked him for his efforts in strengthening bilateral relations.
“You have our gratitude for the excellent job, and the commitment and enthusiasm you have given to the relations between our two countries. For us, it would be a pleasure to be able to visit Albania, “said the Foreign Minister.
At the end of the conversation, in gratitude for the support provided to the Honorary Consulate in Tirana,Ylli Ndroqi gave to Mr. Kuribena a national symbol, the Illyrian shoes, which symbolize the desire of both countries to run toward the common goal of bilateral reports.
The Mexican top diplomat decided to express his esteem through a certificate of gratitude that he donated to the Honorary Consul, Ylli Ndroqi, to thank him for the dignified representation of Mexico in Albania, as well as serving as a symbol of Mexican culture.

Meanwhile, at the meeting of the honorary consuls, the Mexican ministers presented other important sectors of The United States of Mexico.
Economy is the backbone of a country, and the Minister of Economy, Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal, familiarized the consuls with the economic situation in Mexico.

“You have witnessed the difficult periods in the Mexican Economy. But thankfully, we learned from our mistakes quickly, and in the early 90’s, we laid the foundations for a strong economy. Having been elected for two terms in a row, I’ve been a witness to the fact, that there could be no other way, other than taking the tough measures that would lead us to economic growth. Even today, I think this was the best decision. 20 years ago we exported 66% of domestic production, today this figure has been increased to 93%. The liberalization of the market has transformed our manufacturing sector. The transformation of our economy began in 1994, and today, we have a significant increase in foreign trade. Today Mexico is combining talent with the resources that nature has provided. However it was not easy to get here, it took two decades to reach consensus, to carry out the difficult reforms. What we have achieved is also thanks to President Enrique Pena Nieto, who used his power to restore the economy, ” said Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal.

During the conference, the consuls were able to give their input, about how the relations between Mexico and the countries they represent might be promoted and strengthened in the fields of economy, trade, and tourism, especially to increase investment, and strengthen mutual trade exchanges.
Referring to the statement of the Minister of Economy, Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal, that Mexico has one of the world’s most developed economies, the Honorary Consul of Mexico to Albania, Ylli Ndroqi , asked him:
What are your plans and strategies for strengthening economic relations with the Balkan countries?
“Although our economy has been more open toward North America in these years, the ties and exchanges with Europe have always been very important to us. We have signed an agreement in 2000, which in fact, should be further developed, and our ministry, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is drawing up a new strategy for economic relations with Europe, part of which will be the strengthening of exchanges and economic relations with Albania, and the Balkan countries. One example of success is the strategy we have undertaken to enter the Middle East, which has proven to be extremely successful. We have also entered Asia through a cooperation strategy in the same way, and can create bridges of cooperation with Albania and the Balkan countries, ” said Villarreal.

But the Mexican economy and the daily life of its citizens gets ts life from a key sector, tourism.

Each year, the United States of Mexico is a tourist destination for millions of people from around the world, who are welcomed through 52 international airports lying across the territory.
Tourism is an asset that is appreciated by the Mexican citizens, and the government of the country. Cultural tourism, coastal, adventure, and recently health and well-being, turn Mexico into a unique country.
102 Honorary Consuls of the United States of Mexico, were familiarized by the Minister of Recreation and Tourism Industry, Claudia Ruis Masseiu, with the unlimited possibilities offered by this country in this sector.
“Mexico is a different country, with many tourist destinations. The beaches are populated, and create the impression that the coast is the most preferred touristic location in Mexico. But you are wrong, cultural tourism holds the first place. But the adventure tourism, sports, and luxury , accompanied by good food, attract people’s attention from around the world. Today Cancun, established 40 years ago, and Acapulco, are international brands. In their visit to Mexico, tourists also enjoy their days even more because of the good food. Our cuisine is very unique, thanks to the unique compounds in the food that we prepare. We preserve the traditional cuisine. Two of the 20 best restaurants in the world, are in Mexico.
All these elements make our work in attracting tourists easier, and hopefully yours, honorable consuls, in promoting our country. I invite you today to be partners and allies for the good of Mexico, ” said the Minister of Recreation and Tourism Industry, Claudia Ruis Masseiu.
Mexico, although a destination that is geographically distant from Albania, is turning into one of the favorites for the Albanians. However, there is still much work to be done. Convinced of this, the Honorary Consul of the United States of Mexico to Albania, Ylli Ndroqi, asked: “In Albania there are many Albanians who are interested to visit and to recognize Mexico. What could be the opportunity you have to undertake together to enhance cooperation in this very important sector for both our countries”?

“We have a regional center in Europe for the promotion of tourism, so you can create contacts for different areas, so that we can cooperate not only with Albania, but with the entire Balkan region. This agency promotes Mexican tourism, and broaches special agreements with various tourist agencies, and we may work on a strategic plan to promote tourism in Mexico, and in Albania. The third step…if there are annual tourism fairs taking place in Albania, with pleasure we can bring our representatives, who will promote Mexican tourism, “said the Minister Claudia Ruis Masseiu.
After this speech, given at the meeting of the Honorary Consuls, the Minister of Tourism Claudia Ruis Masseiu, had a brief conversation with the Honorary Consul of the United States of Mexico to Albania, Ylli Ndroqi.

Mr. Ndroqi familiarized the minister with his efforts to promote the tourism of Mexico as one of the world’s best attractions. He invited the Minister to visit Albania, an invitation which the Minister accepted with pleasure.
Mexico has begun the transformation path, which is reflected in the growth of the country’s finances. The Minister of Finance and Public Credit in the United States of Mexico, Luis Videgaray Caso, spoke to the Honorary consuls, about what he called the country’s era of change.
“Let me first thank you for your outstanding work, through which you connect Mexico with the country from where you come, and give a valuable contribution to each of us. Today the world is speaking about all the reforms that Mexico is undertaking, under President Nieto. The reforms made Mexico to start its engines and move forward with big steps. In 1980, Mexico was a closed market, but today, it is one of the best countries for trade in the world. Today we have economic agreements with 45 countries. Now the economic agreements include not only exports, but also foreign investment in Mexico, and Mexican investments abroad. Today Mexico has become a country with strong economic stability, which gives security to each investment, “said Luis Videgaray Caso.

Francisco Gonzales, the General Director of ProMéxico, spoke about the diversity of possibilities that Mexico offers.
“Mexico is a free economy. It is expected to become the world’s fifth largest economy, turning into one of the most important countries for doing business in the world. Human capital is the key in this economy. Today we have significantly grown our exports, and more importantly, our exports are highly technological. We are ranked in the 8th place in the world for the export of items that are used for advanced technology, and we hold the 6th place for the export of materials that are used in aircraft manufacturing. We are promoting this growing economy, and the free economy that Mexico has. Your recommendations, dear honorable consuls, will help us to strengthen trade exchanges. You are the ones who can steer us in the right direction. You can tell us the best that each country offers, “said Gonzales.

The meeting of the honorary consuls of the United States of Mexico from around the world, being held after 15 years, was a symbol of the importance and of the special gratitude that was expressed to the diplomatic representatives, from the highest authorities of the country.
This four-day meeting culminated with the meeting with the President of the United States of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto.
President Nieto organized a special reception at the National Palace, in honor of the 102 consuls. At the reception, a number of ministers were present; the Foreign Minister Hose Antonio Meade Kuribrena, the Minister of Economy Ildefonso Guahardo Villarreal, the Minister of Tourism Claudia Ruis Massieuis, and other high authorities of the United States of Mexico.

Expressing gratitude for the work and the dignified representation of Mexico around the world, Nieto assured the Honorary Consuls that he will be alongside them, to advance this diplomatic mission, which is beautiful but difficult.
“It is an honor to welcome the Honorary Consuls around the world at the National Palace of Mexico. I hope that this meeting we are holding will familiarize you with what is happening now in Mexico. It is an honor to welcome at the National Palace the honorary consuls of Mexico from around the World. I want to emphasize that I am grateful for all that you do for Mexico. You promote investment, trade, and tourism, accelerating the economic growth of our country. As the President of the Republic, I will be side by side with those who love Mexico. Today Mexico is undergoing a transformation, thanks to the reforms and political forces that have led the reforms ahead. All these reforms will serve as a way to accelerate the strengthening of the economy of Mexico. Mexico’s economy is the second largest in Latin America, we are a leader in tourism, “said the president of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto.
The Mexican President issued this call to the Honorary consuls:
“Mexico is preparing to be a protagonist in the global economy, and to position itself as an attractive place for investment in trade and tourism. This is the message of transformation, a message that I ask you to spread in your countries. Share with the world the determination of Mexico to resist challenges, to change, and that great opportunities to grow together are offered in these changes. Mexico is the country of new people. This is the Mexico that you have decided to represent. Mexico expresses gratitude and thanks for the daily work that you do to represent this country, which is your country, “said Nieto.
This reception, held at the Palace of Independence, was delayed by a few minutes. This is because the Mexican president decided to meet in person with the consuls that represent the country he leads. He shook hands with each of them to show his gratitude for everything they do in the interest of the United States of Mexico.
And for the first time, President Nieto had an official meeting with an Albanian, the honorary consul Ylli Ndroqi.

The President held a cordial meeting with the Albanian Honorary Consul, who has held this office for nearly a year and a half.
Mr. Ndroqi thanked the Mexican President for the possibility of the meeting, and expressed his gratitude for the trust given to him, to be the representative of Mexico to Albania.

In this first meeting with the Honorary Consul in Albania, the President of Mexico, expressed appreciation for the efforts of the Honorary Consul to bring the two countries, which are geographically remote, closer through the strengthening of bilateral relations.
To keep this first official meeting in memory, and in gratitude to the Mexican state, and to president Nieto, Mr. Ndroqi gifted to the Mexican head of state, a national symbol, the helmet of the hero Gjergj Kastriot Skënderbe.

After a positive reception, the President of Mexico could not stop himself from sharing his impressions of this ceremony on the social networks Facebook.

In th short period of time after the end of the event, on his account on the social network “Facebook”, the Mexican head of state expressed his gratitude for the 102 consuls. “Gratitude for those who with generosity and kindness are Mexico’s image in the world”, He wrote.
Among the photos that were selected from the ceremony, there is a photo of the meeting with the Honorary Consul Ylli Ndroqi. In the comment under the photo, the President wrote: the honorary consuls with their work and good relations, significantly contribute to the growth of investment, trade and tourism.


Mexico City was the first stop of the 102 Honorary consuls, of in their mission to become more familiar with the state they represent.
The next station was the “State of Mexico”.
The State of Mexico has a number of industrial areas located in its territory. Industrial development is the basis of economic activities of the state, among which are the industry of vehicles, of food, chemicals and textiles that occupy an important place. Strategic location, along with the conditions that facilitate the commercial activity, rank Mexico the second State nationally in contribution to GDP, at a level of 9.2% per year.
The 102 honorary consuls were welcomed to Mexico City by the Governor of the State of Mexico, Eruviel Avila, who reserved a working breakfast for them.

At the meeting, the consuls were accompanied by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, Carlos de Icaza, who emphasized the importance of this meeting.
“We are in a unique and special time. This meeting of the consuls in State of Mexico has not happened for so long, that the existing consuls have not come to the heart of Mexico. This is the country of opportunities and big promises. It is the most industrialized and populated state. The State of Mexico, is an open window for everyone, “said Carlos de Icaza.

The Governor of the State of Mexico, Eruviel Avila, familiarized the consuls with the variety of opportunities offered by the most populous and most industrialized state in the United States of Mexico.
¨ I welcome you today in your home, the State of Mexico, which is the home of the United States of Mexico. I feel honored to receive such personalities as you, who invest themselves in the promotion of Mexico. On behalf of all Mexican citizens, I express gratitude for the help you have provided. The State of Mexico is at the heart of our nation, it is industrialized, and has a developed infrastructure. Please share with your community the fact that we are a very good place for investments. The state of Mexico produces vehicles, we are a communicative state, we have airports, trains, and good infrastructure. We have castles, lakes, gorgeous weather, and above all, wonderful people, ” said the Governor of the State.

To solidify the gratitude for the consuls, on behalf of the State of Mexico, the Governor gave them all a certificate that declares them the guests of honor of the State of Mexico.
Because of the weather, the meetings with local businesses were held in the international airport of Toluka. At the conference entitled “State of Opportunity”, the Minister of economic development, Felix Adrian Fuentes Villalobos, called for an increase of investments.
“Today is a beautiful day for Mexico. We are grateful that you came. Investing in our state is the best decision you could make. We are working hand-in-hand to increase the level of investments. The State of Mexico is the country of investment. We have all the capabilities to develop every sector of the economy, “said Villalobos.

Then, through traveling by charter jet, the Honorary Consuls went to the tourist State of Campeches.
At San Francisco Airport, a special welcome was organized for them. The Consuls were welcomed by the Campeches Governor, Fernando Ortega Bernes, the Minister of Tourism, Kania Ketheher Hernandez, and the mayor, Ana Marta Eskalante.
They familiarized the consuls with the resources of the state.
The Minister of Tourism, Kania Hernandez, unveiled the tourist state of Kampeçe.
“On behalf of the Mayan culture, we wish you welcome to the Mayan State. Kampeçe is a city that holds its door open for visitors. Kampeçe is sky, tranquility, adventure, culture, wealth, is the heart, the sincere heart through which we wish you a warm welcome, and express our gratitude, “said the Minister of Tourism.
The industry sector was presented by the Minister of Economic Development and Industry , Henrikez Kalante.
¨ This is the state with the largest source of oil and gas in the country. The advantageous position near major cities and the developed infrastructure, turn it into the most favorable state for the export of oil. Today we are ranked the first in Mexico for exporting oil. We are also the safest state in the entire country, ” said Henrikez Kalante.
The governor, Fernando Ortega Bernes, spoke in same line.

¨ For us in Kampeçe, economic development has turned into the strategy that directs the whole country. The lowest level of crime is one of the strongest reasons why we require today an increase of investments. We have lower taxes, and hold the 6th place for the highest amount of revenue deposited in the state revenue. We are going in the right direction, join our course, “said the governor, Fernando Ortega Bernes.
On behalf of the 102 consuls, the meeting was welcomed by the consul of North Carolina, Wayne Cooper.
“Thank you for bringing us here, you showed us the real Mexico, and showed us how we can better present it. Our role has changed over the years. We are happy that we can promote this beautiful state in our country. The United States of Mexico have turned into the ideal country for trade. If you are a European, Asian, or African corporation and want to expand, you should knock, ” said Wayne Cooper.
In Kampeche, the Honorary Consuls visited an exhibition of local products, not only for food investments, but also for opportunities in tourist resorts, through direct contact with agencies that operate in this state.

Furthermore, the governor of the State of Mexico , Fernando Ortega Bernes, offered a lunch in honor of the 102 consuls.
Ignacio Chavolla, the deputy secretary for the management of the budget in the foreign ministry, praised the work of the diplomatic consuls .
“Being in this country is the best way to know its beauty. Mexico’s honorary consuls around the world are the messengers of friendship. They convey this message to their countries of origin, where they live and work. The diplomatic work done by the President and the Foreign Ministry would not be achieved without the daily support, generosity and enthusiasm of the honorary consuls. Your work is amazing and motivating. You act for the good of our country,” Chavolla said.
The authorities had planned to beautify this lunch, through artistic performances that revealed a part of the culture of Kampeches.

But the surprises for the honorary consuls were not over yet. Another surprise was a dinner in the residence of Uayamon.
The vice minister for multilateral affairs and human rights, Juan Manuel Gomez Robeld praised the honorary consuls as an asset for the United States of Mexico.
“These days of intensive meetings have confirmed what we all knew, the honorary consuls are a crucial link for the promotion of Mexico globally. Their efforts, dedication and hard work are valued by the foreign ministry and the government of Mexico. We are happy and grateful for the work of the presentation of Mexico. We feel fortunate to know that we have enthusiastic representatives worldwide, who are ready to have the promotion of Mexico as part of their lives. Do not forget, you are the eyes and ears of Mexico, “said Uayamon.

Beyond the official agenda, the 102 honorary consuls, enjoyed the natural beauty that the state-of Chamepche offers.
Chameche has a historical tradition of particular cuisine. Some of the major historical tourist attractions are within this state, the ancient Mayan city Calakmul and the fortified historic city of San Francisco Campeche , qualified as a Real World of Humanity.
The state of Champeche, is otherwise known as the State of Maya, and the 102 honorary consuls had the opportunity to know the archaeological area of Edznas.
The name Edzná, “House of the Itzás”, comes from the Itzá, a lineage of Chontal origin. The Itzá were a Mayan patronymic that extended to various groups of native Putun and Chontal Indians in south-eastern Campeche. Other translations have also been suggested: “House of the Eco” or “House of the Gestures”, in reference to the stucco mask thought to exist in the crest of the tallest building in the area.
Founded around 400 B.C., its peak was reached during the late Classic period. A gradual decline began in the year 1000, leading to its eventual abandonment in 1450.
In its golden age, it appears that it was home to 25,000 inhabitants, distributed in an approximate area of 26 square kilometers. The city had numerous religious, administrative, and residential buildings, which were built in the three architectural Mayan styles of the area: Puuc, Petén, and Chenes.

After a series of activities in Champeche, the 102 honorary consuls returned to the place of their meeting, again in Mexico City.
Mexico City is the largest city in the country, and also the most important political, cultural and educational center.
As a global city, Mexico City is one of the most important financial centers in North America.
It has a population of 21.2 million people who make it the largest Spanish –speaking city in the world.

Every day, Mexico City becomes even more vocal, not only from the local residents, but also from the tourists who prefer it.

The United States of Mexico, commonly known as Mexico, is a federal constitutional republic in North America. Mexico has an area of 2 million km squared, thus being the fifth largest country in the Americas, and the fourteenth in the world. With a population of 111 million inhabitants, Mexico ranks as the 11th country in the world. Mexico is a federal state composed of 31 states and a federal district. The geography of this super-state is impressive. It is bordered by the United States, Guatemala, and Belize, by the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

The Speech of the President
It is my pleasure to greet the honorary consuls who represent Mexico in their countries, and perform this important tasks I greet the diplomats who accompany us this morning.
I had the opportunity to meet the consuls, who represent Mexico with dignity to our friendly countries. They perform this important mission, representing Mexico. I greeted and thanked them for the important work they perform. I hope this meeting that we are holding, will familiarize you with what is happening now in Mexico.
It is an honor to welcome you at the National Palace, those who with kindness and love are Mexico’s image in the world. During my visits abroad, I have met some of you, and I have seen that you present our great country with enthusiasm and pride. On this occasion, I express my deep gratitude for your sincere work, to protect the rights and priorities of Mexicans, and to promote the culture of our country.
|With your good reports, you contribute to the promotion of direct investments, trade, and tourism, by accelerating the country’s economic growth and the quality of life of our people. You are men and women of prestigem and with your daily activity, you give prestige to Mexico.
As the President of the Republic, I will be side by side with those who love Mexico, with those who know and appreciate the history and culture, and its people.
Today I can confirm with confidence that Mexico is undergoing a transformation, it is a nation that is changing, and this is thanks to the reforms and political forces that have successfully led the reforms, which provide great opportunities for the country.
I do not want to take more time, but I will present you three main pillars on which these reforms are raised.
First, reforms that increase the economy, generating an equal ground for all entrepreneurs, generating new jobs and energy reforms, aiming for the reduction of costs in production and price.
The second reform refers to the strengthening of institutions, political reforms that will lead to the consolidation of democracy.
And recently, there is the education reform, strengthening the human rights, especially of the youth and children.
We have also implemented a national infrastructure program, with a record investment of 440 million euro. Investments are oriented toward communication, energy, health and tourism.
All these reforms and investments will be a solid platform, which will serve as a way to accelerate the strengthening of the economy and the strengthening of Mexico.
Honored, appreciated, and loved honorary consuls from different countries of the world, Mexico is preparing to be a protagonist in the global economy , it is determined to improve the internal conditions, and position itself as an attractive place in investments, trade, and tourism.
This is the message of transformation, a message that I ask you with respect to spread in your cities and states. Share with the world the determination of Mexico to meet challenges, to change, and that great opportunities to grow together are offered in these changes.
Mexico is a democratic country, it is the second largest economy of Latin America, and it has high macroeconomic stability. It has a strategic geographical position, and it has trade relations with 45 countries.
But above all, Mexico is the country of new people, talented, creative, workers, men and women who want to decide their own destiny. This is Mexico, this is the nation that you have turned into your nation, and you decided to represent it in all continents.
Keep in mind that talent, prestige, work, and your enthusiasm are crucial for advancing our state.
Mexico expresses its gratitude and thanks for your daily work, and wishes you success in the activities you perform for an important reason, to represent this nation with dignity, in your places of origin.
Welcome, to Mexico, to your home.