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National day of Iran, ambassador Mozafari hosted a reception in Tirana

Posted on 14 February 2014 by Administrator

The Iranian Embassy in Tirana has organized a reception on the occasion of Iran’s national day , which marks the 35th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic revolution, which turned the country from a monarchy into a republic .

To mark this special day, the Ambassador Abdol maxhid Mozafari held a special ceremony with ministers , MPs , accredited ambassadors in Tirana , the Honorary Consul of Mexico, Ylli Ndroqi , media representatives, and other popular figures .

Ambassador Mozafari explained to ” Ora News ” the symbolism that this national day has for the Iranians .

” The National Day of Iran is a very important day for us because it is the result of age-long Iranian efforts to realize today’s achievements. This is the day when the Islamic revolution of Iran was developed, and when people reached their freedom and independence ,” said the Ambassador .
Ambassador Mozafari says that Albanian- Iranian relations can be raised to another level of cooperation , and insists that both parties should make their efforts to achieve it.

In 1979 in Iran, the unbelievable revolution of history of the Middle East took place, as well as the most important and significant revolution from a International political standpoint .

Since that year , Iran has been an Islamic Republic, and the world has only four of this kind. The Iranian Republic is the only Islamic republic ruled by Shiites . Before this date, Iran was a monarchy headed by the Shah , the biggest ally of the U.S. in the Middle East.