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Ombudsman of Mexico, Honorary Consul of Mexico received the Ombudsman of Mexico

Posted on 07 September 2016 by Web Master

Tirana’s Honorary Consul of the United Mexican States, Mr. Ylli Ndroqi, held a meeting with the Ombudsman of Mexico, Luis Raul Perez, one of the most popular personalities for the protection of human rights in his country.

During the cordial meeting on the premises of the Consulate, the Consul and the Mexican delegation spoke about the importance of diplomatic cooperation in strengthening the relations between Albania and Mexico, and strengthening cooperation in every important sector for both nations.

The Honorary Consul for the United Mexican States said that he will continue with his commitment and dedication towards concrete assistance for every Mexican citizen in Albania.

“I try to see every Mexican citizen like part of my family. I have worked like an ombudsman, just like you.  I have protected them with a tremendous passion and I guarantee you that I, as an acting Ombudsman of the United Mexican States will do this work with sincerity, and love for Mexico. I have covered all the problems of Mexican citizens who have been in Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Albania, even though I only represent Albania”-Mr Ndroqi said.

Praising the contribution and the level of cooperation, the Ombudsman Perez spoke about the importance of good Institutional relations between diplomatic representatives around the world. He thanked Mr. Ndroqi for the excellent work with the direct relationship with the Mexican citizens.

“The work you do as Honorary Consul to represent Mexico in Albania, but also in the region, is to be praised. For us as ombudsmen, Honorary Consuls are the most important allies. You are in direct contact with our citizens in every country of the world”-Mexico’s Ombudsman declared.

The Albanian Ombudsman, present at the meeting, talked about the excellent level of relations between the two countries.

The Mexican Ombudsman said that he felt at home during the meeting.

“It was an honor for me to get to know the Albania’s Consul of Mexico. The meeting left me with the special impression that the Honorary Consul has a passion for Mexico, but also an interest in strengthening cooperation between the two countries”-he said.

Together with ombudsmen from around the world, Luis Raul Perez is in Tirana at the invitation of the Albanian ombudsman, to attend a two-day conference on the high-level immigration crisis.