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Honorary Consul attends Arabian National Day

Postuar në 27 September 2013 by Administrator

The international day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia gathered diplomats of Tirana in a special reception.
The event was organized to celebrate the 84-th anniversary of the foundation of this kingdom. High officials of Albania, the head of the parliament Ilir meta, the head of the opposition and the mayor of Tirana, Lulzim Basha, the minister of transportation Edmond Haxhinasto, leaders of diplomatic legations in our country, businessmen, leaders of religious institutions and personalities of culture were present in this event. The Honorary Council of Mexico in Albania mr. Ylli Ndroqi was also one of the special guests of this event.

According to Ambassador Abdullah Alabdukarim this is a very important moment in the history of Aaudi Arabia since this date represents the unification of the territories of Arabia in 1932 under the leaderships of the king of that time Abdul Aziz al Saud.

“This party is very important, since I can remind you that king Abdul Aziz, with his efforts and attempts managed to join all territories of Saudi Arabia. Since that time Saudi Arabia has faced a quick development in every domain, especially in economics and health-care” stated ambassador Abdullah Alabdukarim.

This party took place in Albania and the relationships of both countries have intensively strengthened, especially during the last years. A series of infrastructural projects have finished and will finish in the territory of the Albanian Republic.

“The cooperation between Albania and Saudi Arabia has been successful especially during the last years. This fact can be noticed in the high number of commercial exchanges and in the visits of high officials of our both countries. During this period of time Saudi Arabia has completed a series of important infrastructural projects in Albania and it has released specific funds for these projects. I would like to mention the highway of Tirana-Elbasan, but Saudi Arabia will also be present in other investments in Albania,” emphasized the ambassador.

Every year on september 23rd, Saudi Arabia commemorates the foundation of the country in 1932 and its territory has remained the same for 84 years. In 1932 the king of Al Saud dynasty declared the unification of all the territories in a single state and after his attempts which lasted for 32 years, he finally managed to create a single state for the first time in our history.\

This state was founded on Islamic principles, away from the influence of other sectarian organizations. This date marks not only the unification of Arabic territories but it also marks the strong turn of this country in the path of development in all domains, especially in infrastructure, health-care and education. Saudi Arabia managed to build models which were later followed from other Arabic and Islamic countries. Saudi Arabia continues to develop under the leadership of current king, Abdullah bin Abdul aziz.

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Economic forum Albania – Mexico

Postuar në 15 May 2013 by Administrator

The opening of the honorary mexican consulate in tirana a few months ago has been noted as the first effort to bring albania closer to Mexico. Besides diplomatic relations, the first sector which is interested is the business sector for collaboration.

In this spirit, the honorary consul of mexico in Tirana Ylli Ndroqi has enabled the two countries to recognize the potential of cooperation through business with the first economic forum between the two countries.

“As the honorary consul of the United States of Mexico in Tirana, I am pleased to open this business forum to strengthen relations between albania and mexico. The business forum will bring mexico and albania closer in the field of trade, tourism and industry. Given that the honorary mexican consulate opened only three months ago here in Albania, we have made immediate contact to offer to Albanian businesses the possibility of coordination with mexican businesses,” said Ylli Ndroqi, honorary mexican consulor.

The head of the albanian chamber of commerce and industry Nikolin Jaka described it as an excellent opportunity that the consulate has given to albanian businesses to cooperate.

“It is a pleasure for me to be part of this important forum. First of all i would like to identify the role and importance of those who have enabled the organization of this forum, and that comes through the honorary consulate opened in Albania through mr. Ndroqi. He made it possible to quickly inform but also to activate the embassy structures covering Albania to make a presentation of potential opportunities for cooperation and trade between mexico and Albania,” said Jaka.

The economic affairs adviser of the embassy of Mexico in Rome Elezar Navaro said he was enthusiastic in this cooperation with the now opened honorary consulate in Albania already creating a bridge of communication.

“It is a privilege that we are here to see the ways of cooperation between the two countries. We are here because we want to show you Mexico and we see with interest this cooperation which regulates this relationship. The consulate of Mexico in Albania opened at a time when your country is progressing rapidly towards development. We are seeing potential areas of cooperation in the import- export needs. Mexico is known for the export of beverages and albania for export of clothing and shoes. Our cooperation can be seen in some sectors,” said Navaro.

The mexican advisor presented to the Albanian businessmen the Mexico tourism and trade relationship to the world. Now with the opening of the consulate and intensification of forums of this nature , mexico and albania – regardless of geographic distances – are closer than ever in their diplomatic relations and trade.

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Ylli ndroqi’s greetings for Nowruz

Postuar në 24 March 2013 by Administrator

The Honorary Consul of Mexico in Tirana, Ylli Ndroqi, on behalf of the United States of Mexico has conveyed greetings to all bektashi believers on their special day. Mr ndroqi, accompanied by his wife Mimoza Ndroqi, paid a visit to the bektashi world headquarters where he was received by the head of the institution Haji Baba Edmond Brahimaj.

Mr Ndroqi conveyed best wishes to all bektashi believers on this special holiday. He wished for health and prosperity for all people while he met with the bektashi world headquarters authorities. Top personalities in Albania also visited the world bektashi headquarters to convey their best wishes.

Bektashi believers across the entire country celebrate the day of Sultan Nevruz [Nowruz], the most important event for this religious sect.

This celebration coincides with the birth of Imam Ali, which for bektashi believers is one of the greatest saints of all time. Bektashi believe that everything can be resurrected.

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Official presentation of the new Consulate offices

Postuar në 24 March 2013 by Administrator

On the Wednesday of March 27-th, the Mexican Ambassador of the Republic of Albania, based in Rome, Miguel Ruíz-Cabañas, presented the offices of the new Honorary Consulate of Mexico in Tirana and appointed as Honorary Consul mr. Ylli Ndroqi.

The event was published on the Mexican embassy’s website in Italy which you can read and bookmark here.


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Official Consulate of Mexico in Albania

Postuar në 24 March 2013 by Administrator

Mexico and Albania has trusted upon Mr. Ylli Ndroqi the task of being the Honorary Consul of Mexico in Tirana. The appearing in public of Mr. Ylli Ndroqi was held in a special ceremony where the ambassador of Mexico in Italy, Mr. Miguel Ruiz Cabanas izquerdo, deputy prime minister, Mr. Edmond Haxhinasto, deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Selim Belortaja, head of the opposition, Mr. Edi Rama, head of LSI party, Mr. Ilir Meta, ministers, deputies, mayor Lulzim Basha, ambassadors and honorary consuls in Albania, former president Alfred Moisiu, Prince Leka and VIP’s of business and media.

Mr. Selim Belortaja valued the appointed task to Ylli Ndroqi not only praising his contribution to media, but in sports and business in general. He said that Albania and Mexico do not have yet embassies in their respective countries but they have a great potential to put in use seeing that Mexico is the 13-th strong country in the world.

“We do live in a global world, geographical positions are not an obstacle anymore, on the contrary regions and countries have the tendency to unite, as people, in economy and every other aspect of life. We are completely devoted to support Mr. Ylli Ndroqi in his job to serve the people. His task becomes even more successful if he does not hesitate to help citizens of both countries. The Albanian government and all state public institutions are ready to support Mr. Ylli Ndroqi in his mission. An important event has been the signing of two memorandums from Mr. Haxhinasto when he was Minister of Foreign Affairs visiting Mexico. The Albanian government proposition to liberate VISAs with Mexico was taken interest of by the Mexican authorities and this a step forward in bringing our people together. The inauguration of a Honorary Consulate in a country is always something very important, but what is more important stands upon whom do you bestow this honor. Today we open officially the doors of the Consulate and we have chosen the right man with the right strength for this job and I wish Mr. Ylli Ndroqi success as Honorary Consul of Mexico” – said Mr. Belortaja.

The ambassador of Mexico in Italy, Miguel Ruiz Cabans Izquerdo held a small speech regarding the friendship between Albania and Mexico and of course to the contribution he was certain mr. Ndroqi would give. “Tonight is a festive night when we celebrate the friendship between our two countries, of two ancient civilizations, of the Albanian civilization and Mexican civilization. I am happy and very proud being here to present to you Mr. Ndroqi as the Honorary Consul of Mexico in Albania and I believe this will be a sign that gives hope to Mexico’s and Albania’s friendship. We celebrate in joy, we celebrate with music, we celebrate with food, this are three elements very important of our cultures. Very soon you will hear the typical “Mariachi” Mexican music.”

Mr. Ylli Ndroqi later on that evening said :

“Good evening everyone. Dear honored deputy Prime Minister Haxhinasto, ambassadors, deputies, ladies and gentlemen, my dearest friend ambassador of Mexico, I am happy being here today among you and knowing that I will represent you as Honorary Consul of the United States of Mexico here in Tirana. Mexico and Albania will no longer be acquaintances with the following gatherings to promote cultural values, touristic attractions, business opportunities etc. I thank you all, I thank the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Albanian Government and the Mexican Government that have trusted me the task of leading this consulate in Albania and I promise that I will do all I can in my power for the further collaboration of our two countries. I invite you to celebrate all together, Rroftë Shqipëria, Viva Mexico!”

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Mexican – Albanian Relationship History

Postuar në 22 March 2013 by Administrator

In November 1976, Mexico asked Albania’s support regarding the nominee of former President Eçeveria for the post of UN Secretary General, which Albania fully agreed upon .

In December 1986, former President Eçeveria visited Albania and in September 1987 the National Mexican Institute gave Albania the first price on grounds of self-sufficient food production.
In 1987, the Mexican diplomats proposed a cultural agreement which Albania signed.

In 1989, former Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, during his stay in Mexico, met the head of the parliament, head of the senate, the vice minister of Foreign Affairs etc. and in September of the same year the cultural agreement was signed between Albania and Mexico.

In 1990, the Mexican executives had a negative response to Albania’s Foreign Affairs Minister request due to governmental commitments on the time requested. In the same year Albania was visited by a Mexican parliamentarian group.

On March first 1993, former Prime Minister Meksi, with the scope of intensifying Albania’s relations with various countries worldwide, sent a letter to the Mexican President where he asked him to deliver a diplomatic delegation in order to assess the cooperation opportunities between our countries. Mexico did not respond to this proposition.

In January 1994, the Mexican Ambassador in Albania, with residency in Rome, Mr. Delgato, presented his credentials to the President of the Republic of Albania. On this occasion former President Berisha invited in Albania the Mexican Foreign Affairs Minister and President Salinas.

Mr. Delgato promised for cooperation chances with the president of the Mexican Cement Corporation (which stands in second place worldwide regarding its size) and the chance of signing a commercial agreement between the two countries.

In November 1994 Mr. Palencia arrives in Albania to present his credential letters as the new Ambassador for Albania with residency in Rome.

In August 1996, Albania’s former ambassador in Washington, Mr. Lublin Dilja, presents his credential letters in Mexico.

During the meeting with the president of Mexico Dr. Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leon, who responded president Berisha’s invitation for a courtesy visit, he said that an official visit of the Albanian president was welcomed in Mexico. Also the Foreign Affairs Minister of Mexico, Dr. Angel Gurria was set to visit Albania in the first half of 1997.

On the occasion of our national celebrations, the Mexican ambassador Mr. Mario Moya Palencia, visited Albania in November 1998. In the first meeting with the former Foreign Affairs Minister Milo, the ambassador Palencia spoke in favor of advancing bilateral relationship between Albania and Mexico. Also during the meeting, he guaranteed a visit to Mexico for former Minister Milo in his scheduled tour in Latin America.

In 2000, covering Albania from Washington was accredited in the United States of America our ambassador there, Mr. Petrit Bushati.

In July 2001, the Mexican ambassador resident in Rome, Rafael Tovary de Teresa, was accredited in Tirana after presenting the credential letters to former president Mejdani.

Also during 2003, the President and Foreign Affairs Minister of Mexico invited the Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister of Albania to attend activities organized by Mexico regarding cooperation with the UN, like the fifth Global Forum “Innovation and Quality of Governing in the 21-st century” (3 – 7 November 2003) and the High Profile Political Conference against Corruption (9 – 11 November 2003). In both activities Albania did not attend.

From April 18-th to 23-rd 2004, former Parliamentary Speaker Servet Pëllumbi attended the Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union which was held in Mexico City. On this occasion he met several Mexican V.I.Ps.

Mexico supported Albania’s nominee to be part of ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council of the United Nations) in September 2004.

On the 24-th Assembly of the International Marine Organization, in December 2005, Albania supported Mexico’s nominee for the Council post of this organization. (C Category)

In the last years Mexico’s and Albania’s relationship has been of a courtesy nature. There have been salutes on national celebrations or office appointments.

Mexico as we speak covers Albania from her embassy in Rome through ambassador Miguel Ruiz Cabanas.