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Official presentation of the new Consulate offices

Postuar në 24 March 2013 by Administrator

On the Wednesday of March 27-th, the Mexican Ambassador of the Republic of Albania, based in Rome, Miguel Ruíz-Cabañas, presented the offices of the new Honorary Consulate of Mexico in Tirana and appointed as Honorary Consul mr. Ylli Ndroqi.

The event was published on the Mexican embassy’s website in Italy which you can read and bookmark here.


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Official Consulate of Mexico in Albania

Postuar në 24 March 2013 by Administrator

Mexico and Albania has trusted upon Mr. Ylli Ndroqi the task of being the Honorary Consul of Mexico in Tirana. The appearing in public of Mr. Ylli Ndroqi was held in a special ceremony where the ambassador of Mexico in Italy, Mr. Miguel Ruiz Cabanas izquerdo, deputy prime minister, Mr. Edmond Haxhinasto, deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Selim Belortaja, head of the opposition, Mr. Edi Rama, head of LSI party, Mr. Ilir Meta, ministers, deputies, mayor Lulzim Basha, ambassadors and honorary consuls in Albania, former president Alfred Moisiu, Prince Leka and VIP’s of business and media.

Mr. Selim Belortaja valued the appointed task to Ylli Ndroqi not only praising his contribution to media, but in sports and business in general. He said that Albania and Mexico do not have yet embassies in their respective countries but they have a great potential to put in use seeing that Mexico is the 13-th strong country in the world.

“We do live in a global world, geographical positions are not an obstacle anymore, on the contrary regions and countries have the tendency to unite, as people, in economy and every other aspect of life. We are completely devoted to support Mr. Ylli Ndroqi in his job to serve the people. His task becomes even more successful if he does not hesitate to help citizens of both countries. The Albanian government and all state public institutions are ready to support Mr. Ylli Ndroqi in his mission. An important event has been the signing of two memorandums from Mr. Haxhinasto when he was Minister of Foreign Affairs visiting Mexico. The Albanian government proposition to liberate VISAs with Mexico was taken interest of by the Mexican authorities and this a step forward in bringing our people together. The inauguration of a Honorary Consulate in a country is always something very important, but what is more important stands upon whom do you bestow this honor. Today we open officially the doors of the Consulate and we have chosen the right man with the right strength for this job and I wish Mr. Ylli Ndroqi success as Honorary Consul of Mexico” – said Mr. Belortaja.

The ambassador of Mexico in Italy, Miguel Ruiz Cabans Izquerdo held a small speech regarding the friendship between Albania and Mexico and of course to the contribution he was certain mr. Ndroqi would give. “Tonight is a festive night when we celebrate the friendship between our two countries, of two ancient civilizations, of the Albanian civilization and Mexican civilization. I am happy and very proud being here to present to you Mr. Ndroqi as the Honorary Consul of Mexico in Albania and I believe this will be a sign that gives hope to Mexico’s and Albania’s friendship. We celebrate in joy, we celebrate with music, we celebrate with food, this are three elements very important of our cultures. Very soon you will hear the typical “Mariachi” Mexican music.”

Mr. Ylli Ndroqi later on that evening said :

“Good evening everyone. Dear honored deputy Prime Minister Haxhinasto, ambassadors, deputies, ladies and gentlemen, my dearest friend ambassador of Mexico, I am happy being here today among you and knowing that I will represent you as Honorary Consul of the United States of Mexico here in Tirana. Mexico and Albania will no longer be acquaintances with the following gatherings to promote cultural values, touristic attractions, business opportunities etc. I thank you all, I thank the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Albanian Government and the Mexican Government that have trusted me the task of leading this consulate in Albania and I promise that I will do all I can in my power for the further collaboration of our two countries. I invite you to celebrate all together, Rroftë Shqipëria, Viva Mexico!”

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The Mexican ambassador in Italy visits “Ora News”

Postuar në 21 March 2013 by Administrator

In a very special day for Albania and of course for RTV Ora News too, which was mobilized on broadcasting minute by minute the festivities, ambassador Miguel Ruiz Cabanas Izquerdo visited the television’s facility.

He gladly came to Albania with the invitation of the Albanian government to be part of the 100-th anniversary of independence, in his busy schedule he found time to visit “Ora News” aswell.

He was welcomed by the president of the TV station Mr. Ylli Ndroqi and the Information Director Mr. Patrik Sadikaj where he toured the building and witnessed the new technologies and the yet to be build stations.

He said in Live Broadcasting :

“I am honored being here invited by the Albanian government in order to be part of the 100-th anniversary of independence. This morning I was in Vlora where I met president Nishani and the mayor Shpëtim Gjika. I am amazed by the atmosphere that surrounds the country. On my way from Vlora to Tirana you could see the people’s happiness. I hope 100 more years for the Albanian people. I have never seen such an organization. Ora News has made big investments and this shows the young spirit of Albanians. Albanians deserves it all.”