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Mexican – Albanian Relationship History

Postuar në 22 March 2013 by Administrator

In November 1976, Mexico asked Albania’s support regarding the nominee of former President Eçeveria for the post of UN Secretary General, which Albania fully agreed upon .

In December 1986, former President Eçeveria visited Albania and in September 1987 the National Mexican Institute gave Albania the first price on grounds of self-sufficient food production.
In 1987, the Mexican diplomats proposed a cultural agreement which Albania signed.

In 1989, former Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, during his stay in Mexico, met the head of the parliament, head of the senate, the vice minister of Foreign Affairs etc. and in September of the same year the cultural agreement was signed between Albania and Mexico.

In 1990, the Mexican executives had a negative response to Albania’s Foreign Affairs Minister request due to governmental commitments on the time requested. In the same year Albania was visited by a Mexican parliamentarian group.

On March first 1993, former Prime Minister Meksi, with the scope of intensifying Albania’s relations with various countries worldwide, sent a letter to the Mexican President where he asked him to deliver a diplomatic delegation in order to assess the cooperation opportunities between our countries. Mexico did not respond to this proposition.

In January 1994, the Mexican Ambassador in Albania, with residency in Rome, Mr. Delgato, presented his credentials to the President of the Republic of Albania. On this occasion former President Berisha invited in Albania the Mexican Foreign Affairs Minister and President Salinas.

Mr. Delgato promised for cooperation chances with the president of the Mexican Cement Corporation (which stands in second place worldwide regarding its size) and the chance of signing a commercial agreement between the two countries.

In November 1994 Mr. Palencia arrives in Albania to present his credential letters as the new Ambassador for Albania with residency in Rome.

In August 1996, Albania’s former ambassador in Washington, Mr. Lublin Dilja, presents his credential letters in Mexico.

During the meeting with the president of Mexico Dr. Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leon, who responded president Berisha’s invitation for a courtesy visit, he said that an official visit of the Albanian president was welcomed in Mexico. Also the Foreign Affairs Minister of Mexico, Dr. Angel Gurria was set to visit Albania in the first half of 1997.

On the occasion of our national celebrations, the Mexican ambassador Mr. Mario Moya Palencia, visited Albania in November 1998. In the first meeting with the former Foreign Affairs Minister Milo, the ambassador Palencia spoke in favor of advancing bilateral relationship between Albania and Mexico. Also during the meeting, he guaranteed a visit to Mexico for former Minister Milo in his scheduled tour in Latin America.

In 2000, covering Albania from Washington was accredited in the United States of America our ambassador there, Mr. Petrit Bushati.

In July 2001, the Mexican ambassador resident in Rome, Rafael Tovary de Teresa, was accredited in Tirana after presenting the credential letters to former president Mejdani.

Also during 2003, the President and Foreign Affairs Minister of Mexico invited the Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister of Albania to attend activities organized by Mexico regarding cooperation with the UN, like the fifth Global Forum “Innovation and Quality of Governing in the 21-st century” (3 – 7 November 2003) and the High Profile Political Conference against Corruption (9 – 11 November 2003). In both activities Albania did not attend.

From April 18-th to 23-rd 2004, former Parliamentary Speaker Servet Pëllumbi attended the Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union which was held in Mexico City. On this occasion he met several Mexican V.I.Ps.

Mexico supported Albania’s nominee to be part of ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council of the United Nations) in September 2004.

On the 24-th Assembly of the International Marine Organization, in December 2005, Albania supported Mexico’s nominee for the Council post of this organization. (C Category)

In the last years Mexico’s and Albania’s relationship has been of a courtesy nature. There have been salutes on national celebrations or office appointments.

Mexico as we speak covers Albania from her embassy in Rome through ambassador Miguel Ruiz Cabanas.