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The commemoration of the historical dates of the state of Kuwajt

Posted on 26 February 2015 by Web Master

In the history of its establishment as an independent state, Kuwait celebrates two important dates, the separation from Great Britain in 1961, and the liberation from occupation army of Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein.

To celebrate the 54th anniversary of National Day and the 24th anniversary of the Liberation Day of Kuwait, the embassy of this country to Albania has organized a special reception.

Kuwaiti Ambassador to Tirana, Najeeb Abdulrahman Al-Bader, in his remarks, focused on the importance of these dates for the state of Kuwait.

“For the State of Kuwait, this is a very important day. 2015 has been a constructive year for the Embassy of Kuwaiti in which we have invested several development projects with a total value of 10 million euro. These projects show the cooperation between the two countries. During this period we have exchanged high-level visits to strengthen bilateral cooperation. i evaluate the visit of the assembly speaker Mr. Ilir Meta and the visit of Prime Minister Rama “, said the ambassador.

Praising the good relations between the two countries, he recalled the support given to Albania in 1990 when Iraqi forces annexed Kuwait, and just a year later thanks to the intervention of the US-led coalition, we managed to remove them.

“This collaboration is an example between two small countries and in this context the people of Kuwait still remember with gratitude the attitude of Albania supporting Kuwait during the Iraqi occupation. Albania openly condemned the attack, “he continued.

The Ambassador pointed out the decision of the Municipal Council of Tirana, that one of the streets of the capital will bear the name of the State of Kuwait.

the reception organized by the Embassy of the State of Kuwait was attended by high dignitaries of our country. The head of the Assembly Ilir Meta, the former Prime Minister Sali Berisha, the DP chairman, Lulzim Basha, Ministers, Ambassadors, and the honorary consul of Mexico Mr. Ylli Ndroqi.

the cake of independence was cut at the end of the ceremony of commemoration of the historical dates of the State of Kuwait, under the presence of the assembly speaker, Ilir Meta.