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The forum of the Association of Honorary Consuls

Posted on 18 May 2017 by Web Master

The highest forum of the Association of Honorary Consuls in Albania, the Assembly of Members, held a meeting to set objectives of its work during 2017. This is an annual meeting that serves as an analysis of achievements, work, and challenges during the year.

The increase of the role of the Consul in economic diplomacy and other sectors of the country such as in the political and economic sectors, in order to better serve the citizens of the respective states influencing the economic or tourist potentials, were at the center of discussion at the Assembly of Honorary Consuls.

In the three years of its operation, the Association of Honorary Consuls has recorded a positive balance of the work done; with discussions of high-profile dignitaries, Ambassadors, and interest groups in order to improve the services offered to citizens.

Other representatives are joining the Association of Honorary Consuls, by representing the interests and expectations of their respective countries by bringing policies for the increase of cooperation with the institutions, the community, and all interest groups