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The national day of Iran, high dignitaries and representatives of diplomatic corps attended a special reception

Posted on 16 February 2015 by Web Master

The National Day of Iran has assembled diplomats, politicians, the Honorary Consul of Mexico to Tirana, Mr. YlliNdroqi, and representatives of the diplomatic corps to a special reception.

The ceremony, which was was organized by the Iranian Embassy,is in the honor of the 36th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, which turned the country from a monarchy to a republic.

Ambassador Mozafari said that the 11th ofFebruary, 36 years ago, marked a strong turnaround for the Iranian people.

“there was a very important change 36 years ago in Iran, the Islamic revolution. The message of this revolution was the return to the dignity and the originality of the Iranian people.”

Ambassador Mozafari says that the relations between Albania and Iran are good, but stresses that this cooperation can be raised to another level with the persistence of both parties.

“I can say that the relations between our two countries are completely friendly. Albania is a place of special importance in the Balkan region, and Iran also has a special place in the Middle East. I am pleased that after being in Albania for 1 year and a half, a time that coincided with the arrival of the new governments, both in Albania and in Iran, there has been progress in our relationship. But there is still plenty of room to work, and I hope that after another year we can talk about more progress in our relationship.”
Iran has been an Islamic republic since 1979.