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Their mission is diplomacy, but for a day, they have made humanity their mission.

Posted on 02 June 2014 by Administrator

While the atmosphere of the Feast of Children continues , the Association of Honorary Consuls of Albania are trying to bring joy to the little children , that on this joyful day , are forced to stay in the pediatric ward!

There are 28 honorary consuls , who , together , have brought smiles to the children who are hospitalized in this ward, by providing gifts of toys.

A representative group of the association , consisting of its President – the Honorary Consul of the United Mexican States to Tirana , Ylli Ndroqi ;the Consul of Malta ,Tom Preku, and the Consul of Malaysia , Gentian Sulaj visited the pediatrics ward of the Universal Hospital Center “Mother Theresa”, to deliver the donation, and to convey the message that their association will continue to stand beside those in need , especially children .
The head of the association , Ylli Ndroqi , said that this was the curtain of such activity for the association, and he hopes that these gifts can bring joy to these children in their difficult days .

“We have thought to help these children with some gifts, some toys with which you can play during the days that you’re going to be hospitalized. You can have the opportunity to play and have fun with one another. On behalf of all the honorary consuls, I wish for you to be healed as quickly as possible, so you can be close to your families. ” He said.
The Malaysian Consul , Mr. Sulaj , had this to say :

” It is a day that makes us feel a little better than usual, because it has given us the opportunity to give a minimal contribution to the lives of these children . I hope to have the opportunity to come more often, with more serious contributions with greater meaning. ”

The toys brought visible joy to the eyes of the little children, however , the toys were not the only surprises !

The well known actors of ” Portokalli “, Luzja and Erion , entertained the children, filling the room with laughter.
Even though they did not have the opportunity to celebrate the 1st of June , the children said that their holiday was today .

Other than from the state , these children receive little attention , so the Chief of the Hematology ward , Mrs. Anila Godo, thanked the Association of Honorary Consuls for this beautiful initiative .
” First of all, I want to thank the Association of Honorary Consuls, and in particular , its President , Mr. Ylli Ndroqi, who brought joy to our service, to the children who have serious illnesses, and are in a tough period of their lives.

On a particular day , they transmitted to all people , a sense of humanity , of responsibility , of citizenship , of solidarity , what every citizen should have in their spirit, and make use of, every day of their lives , ” – Mrs. Godo said.

Since its creation, the Association of Honorary Consuls has engaged in a series of activities that were more than just diplomatic, such as economic and humanitarian activities.