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Ylli Ndroqi is honored with the academic title Doctor “Honoris Causa”

Posted on 19 December 2013 by Administrator

Another title was added to the long list of one of the most well known names of Albanian business and media Mr. Ylli Ndroqi who was honored with the academic title of Doctor “Honoris Causa”.

The Konstandin University in Rome honored with the academic title of Doctor Honoris Causa for his contribution in Business Management and Media the President of RTV Ora News and Channel One, Ylli Ndroqi. The title was given to him from the Academic Senate of the University.

This university selected 10 most successful personalities for 2013 in business, architecture, public relationships, health care and other domains, to honor them with this significant title.

The selected names were observed for a 3-year period in order to judge the performance of their activities. The titles were given during a solemn ceremony in the Holy Church of Empress Teodora in Rome on December 14th.

The event started with the symbolic clothing of graduates. After that it was time to take a photo, with the dean of the university and the 10 selected candidates, to preserve the moment. The candidates entered the Holy Church of Empress Teodora accompanied by a high number of people and after that the ceremony officially started.

At first the dean Robert Kalikia welcomed the participants and then one after another the candidates took their academic titles. The president of RTV Ora News and Channel One, Mr. Ylli Ndroqi is the first Albanian to be honored with such an important title from one of the most famous universities in the world.

During a description of his path towards the success in business it was stated that Mr. Ylli Ndroqi was nominated President of RTV Ora News in 2007 and later on President of Channel One. These 2 TV stations broadcasted in most of Albania and in a short time under the leadership of Mr. Ndroqi, they became 2 of the most prestigious informative TV stations in Albania. After this introduction it was time for Mr. Ndroqi to receive his title. Mr. Ndroqi received this title from the Prince of Montenegro Stefan and the dean of the university Robert Kalikia.

This is not the first evaluation that carries the name of Ylli Ndroqi but despite that he considers this title as the most special one.

Ylli Ndroqi- I am privileged to receive today a title especially in the domain of business and media. The University of Konstantin has appreciated the work of a wonderful staff with whom I work with. Today I am very excited since this is the first time that we are evaluated with a title that comes outside the borders of Albania. This important title also emphasizes the wonderful job of a great staff.

But as president of a media and a businessman, Mr. Ndroqi stated that actually this title does not belong only to him.

Ylli Ndroqi- I want to share this title with my staff, my wife, my family, friends and the Albanian people.

After this evaluation the President of Ora News and Channel One also made a promise.

Ylli Ndroqi- This title motivates me to give a bigger contribution regarding Media Management.

The title of Honoris Causa is a great evaluation, which is given to personalities from all over the world. Dean Robert Kalikia stated that this title is given to praise the contribution of these people for their country.

Two other personalities who were honored with this title expressed their excitement.

It’s an honor for me to receive this title. This is an evaluation, which shows the work that we have done in public and diplomatic relationships.

The prince of Montenegro, Stefan, was the honorary guest of this ceremony. He stated that this title is given to those who deserve it.

It is the first time that I participate in such an event of the University of Konstantin. Today we honored the people who deserved it. Above all this people have had a long carrier in enterprise. They are people who have done a lot in their life and now it is normal for all universities in the world to honor those who deserve it, people who are part of health care or architecture and who give their contribution in hiring even more people. I believe that it is fair to honor these people who deserve it and it is fair to give the title of Honoris Causa to people who have accomplished things in their lives. It is normal that these people are being honored from on of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Doctor Siriano Silvestre, who has closely observed the organization of the ceremony, stated that the organizers meet the winning candidates only during the event.

We haave organized this ceremony with a lot of sacrifice and out guests come from all over the world. To us this is always a surprise since we start working after a phone call or an e-mail but after, in the day of the ceremony, we are able to meet with all the winning candidates.

But how are the candidates selected?

It is not us who choose the candidates but the university does that. Through its researches and the Trade Institutions the university manages to choose the personalities, which will be honored with this title.

And why a title for Mr. Ndroqi?

Because he deserves it. Because he is a successful man. Because after I met him I thought he is extraordinary. Because he is a person who deserves attention due to what he has done for Albania. I would also like to add that I visited Tirana and Durresi and I remained amazed from your country.

Proffesaor Francesco Cancalrei, member of the academic senate, who made the final selection, considers this event as one of the most important ones of the university.

This is one of the most important moments for the university of Konstantin since not everyone knows that it is the most antic university in the world. The university symbolizes the first great Christian emperor that Rome had, emperor Konstantin. He founded this place as a school and after he tuned it into a university. The university also organizes symposiums and international conferences but without any doubt this is the most important event. I want to conclude by saying that Ora News is one of the most prestigious televisions in Albania. I want to congratulate the head of your television and also the members of the staff who are present in this event.

The tradition of giving the Title of Honoris Causa from Konstantin University started on November 30 1996 and so far it has honored well-known personalities in different domains for their contribution.

This university, which was built in 330 BC, is assumed to be the oldest one with a brilliant past. Emperor Konstantin The Great founded a school in Palatine hill in Rome. Through centuries this academic institution had several transformations and moved from Rome to Constantinople, the capital city of the Eastern Roman Empire. This institution was named The university of Konstantin when in 1960 he was transferred into the United States in the surroundings of Johnson University in New York.

Today, the University of Konstandin is in essence an honor institution. It is a consortium created by scholars, scientists, writers, well-known artists and worldwide knowledge professors, who share the authentic desire of pursuing the truth, beauty and kindness to avoid ignorance and to improve mankind’s condition all over the world.

Today this university awards various international prizes to those who contribute in different fields. These contributions may be in fields of economics, charity, social, cultural as well in civil society. The University of Constandin main prizes include: “Honoris Causa” the honor prize, The  Honoris Causa Professors Communion, as well Doctor in Honoris Causa.

In honor of the ten candidates awarded with Doctor Honoris Causa it was organized an evening gala, where a range of honorific prizes were awarded, among others to the Head of Hebrew Community in Malta and Dr. Siriano Silvestre.

During their visit in Rome in this event, the candidates had the chance to arrange various important meetings. The President of RTV ORA NEWS Mr. NDROQI had a meeting with Montenegro’s Prince Stefan as well as with the Head of Hebrew Community in Malta Dov Biriger Hacohen. They congratulated Mr. Ndroqi for the “Doctor Honoris Causa” award, meanwhile Mr. Ndroqi invited them to visit Albania to introduce them the surroundings of RTV ORA NEWS and CHANNEL ONE.  The ceremony was held in the capital city of Italy, Rome, thus the candidates had the chance to encounter with the cultural and historical values of this city that has 17% of monuments in worldwide range.

The tour, a back-in time travel, started with Bernini Fountain, Triton, dating back in 1653.

Then towards the magnificent “Piazza di Spagna”, a name given thanks to the Embassy of Spain nearby, designed by De Sanctis.

The famous destination has monumental stairs, 135, that lead you to “Trinit a’ dei Monti” Square, the name of the church built in 16th century.

Following the Spanish stairs, with a little walking, we arrive at the famous “Trevi” Fountain.

The Fountain describes an ocean in sharp bed of a carriage, which is pulled by sea horses and directed by tritons (a mythological creature, the sea God according to ancient Roman and Greek beliefs).

This Turkish couple has chosen the beauty of this fountain to make their marriage vows.

The couple: “We come from Turkey, we love Rome. It is a very beautiful and romantic city. We came at “Trevi” Fountain because we believe it will bring us luck, it is wonderful.”

The reporter: “It is a tradtion that he who comes to visit the so-called “Trevi” Fountain throws a coin into it in order to come back in Rome. In this way we won’t be an exception of this tradition”.

Panteon, built as a temple for all the Gods of Olympus, belongs to the Baroque Style period, the ancient Rome. Panteon was re-built by the Emperor Adrian between 118 and 128 AD; the facade is carved by Agrippa with bronze letters.

The Panteon Dome is the biggest one in the world, regarding the ancient time buildings. The interior part of the Dome symbolizes Paradise. The big hole in top of the Dome is the only source of light inside the building and symbolizes the Sun.

Afterwards the journey continues with “Four Rivers” Fountain in the middle of the Square, which implies the Danube, Gang, Nile and Rio de la Plata rivers.

The candidates had the chance for a quick trip in Vatican, where they saw the art and history of this state.

It is 8 in the morning and you are impressed by long line of visitors. Every day 10 thousand people come to see Vatican, a number which reaches 4.2 million per year.

After entering the Vatican walls we go through the Maps Gallery. This Gallery is 120 long tunnel, with fresco sideways dating back in 1580 and 1585.

In the Sistin Chapel it is not allowed to talk. As well it is strictly prohibited to take photos or videos. In this holy place are gathered the Cardinals to choose the New Pope.

The next to be visited is Saint Peter Bazilika, the biggest of four Papal Bazilikas in Rome and the most important church of Christianity, which is characterized by a gorgeous gigantic Dome designed by Michelangelo. Inside it can be seen the Grave of Pope John Pal II, underneath the altar of Saint Sebastian Chapel.

The tour will end with the magnificent Saint Peter Square, with its wonderful columns designed by Bernini, pieces of art and technical perfection, wherethanks to the artist’s ability it is shown a special visual and dynamic effect, thanks to the positive columns.

These beauties, as well as the Honoris Cauza Award, are certainly a strong reason why the 10 candidates will never forget Rome, one of the 28 cities with a global importance.

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